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  • JeanLoco

    I love this song, can't understand who hate it, that is a amazing rock :D

    El mes pasado
  • ayeromanojoy

    Simply superb!

    Febrero 2014
  • theironictea


    Diciembre 2013
  • WS9167

    that fucking awesome riffin

    Noviembre 2013
  • gokunirvana

    Freddie's double-tracked vocals: Double epic.

    Mayo 2013
  • BetweenBigJeff

    Definitely my least favorite on the album. [3] However, fast rocking outro is very nice :)

    Febrero 2013
  • Carpe4Diem

    i love this song

    Septiembre 2012
  • bossmark1


    Junio 2012
  • Often_Will

    Definitely my least favorite on the album. [2]

    Marzo 2012
  • kissesneverdie

    Definitely my least favorite on the album.

    Diciembre 2011
  • shaymatt

    Always thought this was filler, but now I realise how necessary it is... bless my heart

    Octubre 2011
  • Ksimi

    OMG, I completely forgot how I love it

    Agosto 2011
  • pteronophobic

    You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese [3] I liked this song when I first heard it, and I still like it. Makes a great driving song.

    Julio 2011
  • huligaane

    You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese [2] This song really grows on you, for some reason. Well, at least it did for me.

    Junio 2011
  • MCIS

    Weakest? No way! Love it!

    Mayo 2011
  • SumYungGai405

    Weakest song A Night At The Opera is Good Company, in my opinion. This is a great song.

    Octubre 2010
  • PartySanCTG

    No, no, no, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon is the weakest tune on ANATO.

    Septiembre 2010
  • Elodave

    Old Rogers had a few sweet ladies hasn't he? every Flake girl i think!!Talk about a life well lived!

    Enero 2010
  • backtothelight

    It's a tribute to the strength of "A Night At The Opera", that "Sweet Lady" is considered the weakest on the album. Still a great song.

    Julio 2009
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    Marzo 2009
  • cristian083

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    Marzo 2009
  • Retro_Saiyan


    Marzo 2009
  • DBMethos

    A bit of a letdown considering the kickass opening 5 on the album, but it picks back up after this rather quickly.

    Febrero 2009
  • MiryanMumme

    Essa banda é fodaaaa !!!!!! adoro o Roger Taylor, esse é um batera fodaaa!!!!!!!!1

    Noviembre 2008
  • Nodenuevodecia


    Noviembre 2008
  • jemptymethod

    i beg to differ, it's one of their VERY BEST songs

    Agosto 2008
  • Torzonborz100

    Probably the worse song on the ANATO album, but I still like it!

    Agosto 2008
  • Cittadelledonne

    Got groove!

    Julio 2008
  • chrisrazor

    You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese

    Abril 2008
  • kyrosmetal


    Febrero 2008
  • Omnibrain

    Well, it's still a good song.

    Enero 2008
  • Dariurs

    Well, you probably expected something more like We Are The Champions... Obviously you have no idea of how their two first albums sound.

    Noviembre 2007
  • amaroK_usr

    How so?

    Mayo 2007
  • do2l

    not one of thier best songs.

    Noviembre 2006