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  • aldrignedigen

    NHL 07 ! [2] Awesome track

    Agosto 2014
  • okach1

    NHL 07 !

    Febrero 2014
  • flavinhomt

    "Alright" was in the 02x13 on One Tree Hill

    Diciembre 2012
  • Tr1ploid

    "Alright" was used in a popular Belgian tv show. That's how I know them.

    Enero 2011
  • JoshLehman

    @Ediepedia: Actually they changed their name to Pilot Speed for legal reasons. Per the wikipedia entry... "On June 26, 2006, the band posted a message on their site stating that, due to legal restrictions, they decided to change their band name before it incited lawsuits from companies outside Canada. As a result, they altered their name to Pilot Speed". Phenomenal band regardless of their name.

    Enero 2011
  • Ediepedia

    @Drumkey: That's because they've changed the name- Pilot Speed is the "new" one (since 2006) :) They didn't like the fact that after typing "Pilate" in google the results were mostly fitness clubs offering pilates;)

    Julio 2010
  • Aldous41

    Julio 2009
  • drumkey87

    Such a great band but how come they are so hard to find on google? I can't even find their website! They must have never made it big

    Julio 2009
  • JustinSoto

    i loveeeeeeee 'em. :) they remind me a lot of Radiohead; i'm surprised it isn't one of their similar artists...

    Mayo 2009
  • aisytenjou

    Отличная музыка

    Mayo 2009
  • mhunke

    new album is great

    Mayo 2009
  • mhunke

    They'll always be Pilate to me. [2]

    Abril 2009
  • anglakinb

    i love when you sang songs and then i followed your voice and tried to feel your sadness and your heartbreak, anyway, it was for a long time, now i still dont want to delete "caught by the window" this album, this album is the important one for me, it means a part of the periods in my whole life, your songs used to makes me cried every night

    Abril 2009
  • Nic33rd

    They'll always be Pilate to me.

    Abril 2009

    i just love their sound.

    Febrero 2009
  • etsirt

    The guy has a voice like ... melted chocolate.

    Noviembre 2008
  • emretrkylmz

    fuckin amazing band. love it !!

    Septiembre 2008
  • AlternateRaiL

    Wow, really impressive band, reminds me of the first Augustana album, but Barely Listening has Muse-esque vocals too. Yeah, good stuff.

    Junio 2008
  • benchkid


    Junio 2008
  • soldyourSOUL

    Who gives a shit if they're underappreciated. Just listen to the music and support them, it's better they be unknown than have a bunch of bubbleheaded fans running about giving them a bad name (as a lot of other bands' fans tend to do). A Kind Of Hope is my fave song by them. The vocals during the verses are crazy good.

    Abril 2008
  • StayteRoad

    yes it is

    Febrero 2008
  • brentdrns

    Isn't their name Pilot Speed now?

    Febrero 2008
  • dafunkystar

    thir first(?) single Into YOur Hideout is better than their US single Barely Listening. In fact, Caught by the Window is an amazing album, have a listen to it and you will hear how great they are!

    Octubre 2007
  • astheleavesfall

    favorite band in 2003, hah now that i think about it, i really miss them. their first ep is glorious

    Octubre 2007
  • andremiguelaa

    sounds good!

    Agosto 2007
  • Shaftell

    This band doesn't get enough credit. They make great music and no one hears about it.

    Agosto 2007
  • THEmalinsky

    A kind of hope is an amazing song (I think)

    Julio 2007
  • the_seal

    I saw them play the first 'show' after recording their newest cd. it was a free show too, with probably less then 100 people. I was at a table right infront of the stage. good times.

    Mayo 2007
  • Chenfel

    God, they're awesome.

    Abril 2007
  • StianvonOlsen

    i am from norway, heard barely listning about a month ago... and i just love Pilate(pilot speed)... i hope they come to europe soon

    Abril 2007
  • lunchbox582

    Meant to say nothing bad to say below. LOL.

    Abril 2007
  • lunchbox582

    Though I have bad to say about Barely Listening, check out the rest of their stuff. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    Abril 2007
  • badinsults

    I don't know, I have heard Barely Listening a ton on the radio, but I don't really like it.

    Abril 2007
  • lunchbox582

    Pilate had to change their name due to US copyright law. In order to sell/play their music in the US, they had to change. I heard about them a long while back on 89x, a Detroit station. One major plus to living in this shithole is you can hear a lot of different Canadian rock bands before they go mainstream. They're the future.

    Febrero 2007
  • Eidolon_

    A kind of hope is severely underlistened. LISTEN PLEASE.

    Enero 2007
  • _inhuman

    I agree... I have grown attached to the name. Pilate. It rolls of your tongue so nicely. Pilot Speed is one syllable too many. v_v *sadness*

    Noviembre 2006
  • TMD25

    When are these guys coming to Belgium????? :'(

    Noviembre 2006
  • matt_fisher

    why the name change?

    Octubre 2006
  • mattlazear

    Blame Canada!

    Agosto 2006
  • ssdlpf

    Stupid US.

    Julio 2006
  • hangon418

    yeah i just read that today on their webpage. kinda depressing they have to change it for possible copyright reasons in the US. :(

    Junio 2006
  • chubbstar

    so Pilates name has been changed to pilot speed?

    Junio 2006
  • veruca_salt11

    I love the new album...completely amazing :)

    Mayo 2006
  • wizbang

    Play all ages shows =(

    Mayo 2006
  • qailing3

    I'm the #1 fan, who the hell are these foolz?

    Mayo 2006
  • perfect_thrill

    Sell Control For Life's Speed is better then words. So amazing. It has such a great flow to it. I'm so incredibly happy right now listening to it. YAY!

    Abril 2006
  • vaguex

    The new album should be awesome, wonder when its going to hit ths states

    Marzo 2006
  • Scott_25

    Barely Listening rocks

    Marzo 2006