• And one meme...

    31 May 2009, 17:52 de Laryskun

    1. What's your favorite song by #15 (The Beatles)?
    Tomorrow Never Knows - you can hadly believe it was made in the 60's, it sounded so modern. The proof John Lennon was a musical genius !

    2. How did you get into #20 (Queen)?
    Listening to a Greatest Hits compilation after I heard of Freddie Mercury's death - I didn't know who that guy was back then, and then I understood why he was so missed.

    3. Who is your favorite member in #1 (Muse)?
    Matthew Bellamy

    4. Whats your favorite lyric bit by #29 (Faith and the Muse)?
    Time to show some sharper teeth Time to grow a thicker skin
    Time to drop the seventh veil and let some madness wander in
    This is not a darker age Just the turning of the wheel
    I am here to reassure we never really had control
    This world was never kind
    Separate your present mind
    from Sredni Vashtar

    5. Have you ever seen #22 (Indochine) live?
    Yep - in 2004 in Strasbourg

    6. What's your favorite album from #10 (Lacuna Coil)?

    7. Do you own any merchandise from #3 (Die Toten Hosen)?
  • 120708

    24 Jul 2008, 11:51 de Saarelaiset

    Another Planet

    Classic. Takes you to other worlds.
  • Top 40 (October 2007)

    31 Oct 2007, 19:13 de coasterbrock

  • Pendulum

    11 Jun 2007, 21:26 de scarfboy

    I like Pendulum. I like drum 'n bass, but that's not it since it's not quite typical - it's, well, refreshing, depending rather little on just a breakbeat.
    Things like Hold Your Color and Still Grey are various degrees of light and crossing into other electronic styles, I maintain that Fasten Your Seatbelts is just funny, while Tarantula and Another Planet are nice and RAH.

    Yeah, that was non-information to many of you. Suck it up:)
  • Top 50 2006

    5 Ene 2007, 14:56 de lady_Amelia

    Welcome to my 2006 Top 50. Actually it's going to be a top 50 since I joined last.fm in October of '05. So just over a year. Anyhoo, you'll find quite a few different genres of music in this list.

    Up until October of '05, I never gave much thought or attention to electronic music. I only ever listened to EBM\industrial. That was as far as it went. But then I was introduced to all aspects of dance music (techno, minimal techno, trance, drum n bass and so on). And I thank my friend Sharevari for that.

    Besides the electronic music, the other genre I began to love this past year was rockabilly\psychobilly. Another new fav.

    Thanks to my boyfriend for taking the time to help me with the formatting ;)

    Anyhoo, enjoy!

    1. Nothing Left To Say
    I first heard this ska band from California, in May of '06. Loved it from the first listen I must say.

    2. State of Emergency
    Here is some good old classic streetpunk\Oi from BC, Canada. Founding member is from Scotland. This song caught my attention almost immediately. …
  • Pendulum — Hold Your Colour

    13 Nov 2005, 23:13 de egor_kaway

    Hold Your Colour
    Label: Breakbeat Kaos
    Catalog#: BBK 002CD
    Format: CD
    Country: UK
    Released: 26 Jul 2005
    Style: ,

    С гитарной музыкой расклад такой: если ты живёшь, скажем, в Австралии, то, пока ты не выпустил альбом, а то и парочку, и не снял пару-тройку красивых клипов, то рассчитывать на популярность в той же, скажем, Беларуси — нечего.

    Электронщикам проще — вот и австралийская когда-то (просто в 2003м они переехали в UK) drum-n-bass группа Pendulum была на слуху у клубных детишек по всему миру (а dnb — это всё-таки в основном музыка молодёжи, редкий 35и-летний выдержит на танцполе под dnb, когда как под house — без проблем) уже за долго до того, как их первый альбом всё-таки вышел на СD. А всё потому, что ребятам с гитарами, если их не крутят по радио, нужно ехать к слушателям самим, а винил со всего одним хорошим треком очередного восходящего, скажем, трио, поставят в течении одной и той же ночи сотни диджейских рук по всему миру.