• Reflection on Recent Top 10

    2 Ene 2007, 3:01 de Flah


    1 Squarepusher 46
    Hello Everything has some decent stuff on it. I wouldn't call it one of the best records he's ever made, but it's certainly not bad. Theme From Sprite is another good fusion song and is about as catchy as My Sound. Vacuum Garden kind of sucks. Reminds me of Iannis Xenakis's Diamorphoses, except boring as hell. All in all, it's something I'll revisit again.

    2 Examination of the... 19
    I think I was listening to Everlovely Lightningheart, dozed off, and woke up after their complete discography played through. I like them, but I never get to them that often. It's not exactly a first choice of mine. The Whitest of Elephants is their strongest work, but I'm fond of We Are the Architects of Desire as well.

    3 Part Timer 14
    I found my third listen to be underwhelming. I kept promising myself after my first and second listen that there had to be more here and I'd quickly fall in love after I found it. …
  • Reflection on Recent Top 10

    27 Dic 2006, 0:03 de Flah


    1 Stars of the Lid 22
    The Tired Sounds Of... Exactly. Got a track deep and then went to sleep. It was a rough day at work and I need the Stars to sooth and smooth out my frazzled nerves. I used to say that I liked The Dead Texan more because the hooks are right there, in your face, not hidden under the ambient waves. But, I really don't know where my allegiance lies anymore. I've always appreciated Stars, but I never loved them. I think I'm ready to say I love them. I don't know the catalyst what was, but I get it now. It took me three long fucking years to get Immolation, and I guess history repeats...but, with a completely different sounding outfit.

    2 Timbaland & Magoo 18
    I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for some modern R&B, as long as the hooks are good, there isn't too much octave jumping, hand waving, vocal masturbation, and the production is solid. …
  • 2006 best of

    25 Dic 2006, 14:37 de placid

    It was difficult for me to establish these charts. 2006 was a good year for the music. Many long awaited albums were released. many surprises occurred. And also some deceptions. But.. I hope the next year will be at least as good as this one.

    Here are some categories i classified the releases. I'm not trying to pigeonhole an artist to a style. I brought these categories for a more comprehensive ratings to the albums. I's better to bring several categories instead of jamming totally different artists into one chart. (ex. Funckarma is spicy, Last Days is grаy, and Belong is rough)

    Maybe you'll disagree with me on the order or the presence or the absence of an artist.

    The following charts are strictly personal and does not tend to be exhaustive or ubiquitous.

    10. - Onamatapea; Antennas And Signals
    09. - suture
    08. - Wind and Water
    07. - The Digil Parker Project
    06. - Goodnight Noises Everywhere
    05. - Bion Glent
    04. - You Shall Have Ever Been
    03. - Caipruss
    02. - Patience
  • On my most played listing as of late

    15 Nov 2006, 5:14 de dirty30

    Here's what has been getting the most play... and it is all in the same shortwave, drone, experimental, warm sound.

    Herve Boghossian - Mouvement

    This guy is rare... very warm... easy drifting.

    Grouper - Wide

    Heroin drone with vocals.
    I have experimental sound with vocals, but these are deep in the mix.
    So deep they don't bother me.

    Loscil - Plume

    Im not fond anymore of IDM.
    Christopher Willitis album ain't cuttin it for me.
    Vocals with IDM is just not where I want to be.
    Loscil is purely IDM sound in a "mellow/downtempo" format.
    While I paint, it krept up on me.... now I realize it is one of my more played albums on iTunes.

    Part Timer - S/T

    I really like this album a great deal.
    He is taking a vacation from the Clickits to be Part Timer.
    Experimental, old analog -- f'd up and some bits of vocals...
    a bit eary at times.
    Even more endearing others.

    Axolotl - Telesma

    Friends of Wolf Eyes you might think, but not really.