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Oceans Ate Alaska


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Oceans Ate Alaska es una banda inglesa de metalcore formada en 2011. La banda se caracteriza por tener muchas influencias melódicas y progresivas, sobre todo en sus singles «Floorboards» y «Blood Brothers» de su primer LP, «Lost Isles».


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  • MariianaAlvez

    <3 So much love

    23 Jun 3:30 Responder
  • elitist_jerk

    pretty good prog/tech crabcore

    8 May 2:16 Responder
  • HerFadingSmile

    I did a new vocal cover. it would be awesome if u could give me some feedback under the video. thanks. ..

    29 Abr 1:17 Responder
  • TDcore

    I really wanted to like Lost Isles, but it's just not my thing. The guitars are original for a metalcore band, but they get really repititious and the lyrics are pretty poor to alot of the songs. I'd like for these guys to get popular though. Because they're more original and talented than half of the stuff in the scene right now. Maybe I'll be able to get into their next album.

    27 Abr 19:14 Responder
  • xVictimOfADownx

    v This. I love the mathyness but, the album is definitely too long, unless they made the songs blend a bit together better.

    1 Abr 18:18 Responder
  • Jonjonjohny

    This debut is good. It reminds me a lot of The Eyes Of A Traitor, with the whole technical deathcore with a really emotional soundscape. However I find the mathyness de-rails the song-writing at times and will affect the longevity of the album.

    30 Mar 21:03 Responder
  • andrewleinn

    hey folks, please check out my 'Blood Brothers' guitar cover (in hd): thank you!)

    22 Mar 13:31 Responder
  • marvcore

    fucking awesome!

    12 Mar 0:29 Responder
  • Jorgetime

    Dem polyrythms.

    1 Mar 15:14 Responder
  • ochuel

    New albums is tits! It's been awhile since I enjoyed an album from beginning to end!

    26 Feb 16:07 Responder
  • Asphyz

    Fourthirtytwo and Blood Brothers are the same song? Eh...

    25 Feb 19:30 Responder
  • DesunotoK

    Lost isles is so fucking amazing. This band needs more attention!

    23 Feb 18:13 Responder
  • D1m0ut

    New album is a masterpiece, it is now one of my favourite progressive albums. I looked forward to listening to this album since fall 2014 and this was worth waiting.

    21 Feb 13:22 Responder
  • sixsouls

    Lost Isles is great, just not as good as I thought it would be. Somehow seems to feel like it drags on for a while, all of the songs are pretty tedious after you've distinguished the stand-out ones. I am enjoying this album, I'll probably listen to it numerous times yet, just can't see me listening to this for months on end/years into the future. Amazing effort though, digging the new sound in general.

    21 Feb 11:30 Responder
  • HerFadingSmile

    new album is a chugfestival at its finest. production is good. heavyiness too. but nothing special. pretty forgetable.

    21 Feb 8:26 Responder
  • skeletocat

    the ep was able to hold my attention all the way through, the album on the other hand couldn't. it's fine, just got bored of it halfway through.

    21 Feb 4:04 Responder
  • Borannditt

    The new album is the best i've heard in a while

    19 Feb 22:27 Responder
  • B3cks_

    Love the vocals in the new album! But there are way too much Rings Of Saturn-esque riffs/solos (for example on High Horse and Part Of Something), they totally don't fit

    19 Feb 15:56 Responder
  • artem_altwave

    Новый альбом просто бомба. Порадовали мужики.

    18 Feb 17:52 Responder
  • AskingOla

    Amazing concert in Poland :D

    11 Feb 20:50 Responder
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