Non Cadenza - pop jazz funk band from Saint-Petersbourg, Russia.

“Non Cadenza” - from Italian music terminology – “no ending” or “non stop”. That’s exactly the “non stop”-way that the 7 young and bright individuals from Russia are trying to erase the barriers between jazz music, soul rythmics and russian lyrics, strict genres and improvisations.

The music of Non Cadenza is the mixture of several music traditions. However the essential basis they define themselves is “pop-fusion oriented music with soul vocalist and oldschool jazz players”. Everyone in the group has professional music education and skills: Arman Sidorkin, Konstantin Koleshonok, Ilya Sergiyenko, Yuliy Romanchenko, Seva Gribov and Michael Lenzman. The vocalist of the band- Alexandra Almazova – is also the author of the music and lyrics.

The age of the musicians in farely young, 20- 26 years old, which doesn’t make them less experienced. Having participated in several music festivals and being the resident of the best clubs in St.-Petersburg and Moscow, Non Cadenza Show keeps most of the city’s club packed with their fans and people sicking to hear pop-jazz music in russian language.

That’s the uniqueness of the band – their skill, their good taste, the unforgettable female voice, and the original material with the flavour of mysterious russian Soul. Non Cadenza is breaking the stereotypes in music and the barriers in cultures.
Once you start listening – there’ll be “Non Cadenza”. Non stop.

Band Members:
Sasha Almazova – vocals, song writer
Arman Sidorkin – keyboard, sound producer
Konstantin Koleshonok – tenor saxophone
Iliya Sergiyenko – trumpet
Mikhail Lenzman – guitar, back vocals;
Vsevolod Gribov – bass guitar;
Yuliy Romanchenko – drums;

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