Emergency Ward

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1 My Sweet Lord / Today Is a Killer (2011 Remaster) 18:36 21
1 My Sweet Lord / Today Is A Killer 18:17 3.458
2 Poppies (2011 Remaster) 4:10 15
2 Poppies 4:44 6.899
3 Isn't It A Pity 11:08 6.868
3 Isn't It a Pity (2011 Remaster) 11:10 19
4 The Pusher 5:03 18.162
4 Let It Be Me (2011 Remaster) 5:00 18
5 Com' By H'Yere-Good Lord 5:49 1.294
6 Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter 5:15 29.345
7 Mr. Bojangles (live) 4:51 1.587
8 I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl 2:31 131.471
9 Dambala 6:50 4.262
10 Let It Be Me 4:25 9.743
11 Obeah Woman 6:19 5.156

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  • tekkie69

    Dramatic Fiery Passionate Aggressive Austere Bittersweet Earthy Gritty Autumnal Brooding Freewheeling Intimate Melancholy Organic Theatrical Yearning Difficult Delicate Elegant Intense

    6 Nov 2010 Responder
  • DeepInMySoul

    There are regular, everyday "live in concert" albums, and then there is THIS "raise the standard to heights that are unreachable for almost anyone else" MASTERWORK by Nina Simone. I have never heard so much heart, passion, and soul poured out in one recording as I have with Emergency Ward-- and I haven't even heard the entire album yet! "My Sweet Lord/Today Is A Killer"-- you just have to hear it. All of it. "Isn't It A Pity"-- potentially life-changing. Last.fm has convinced me to buy this album (but I'm buying it in a great package that also has the albums "Black Gold" and "It Is Finished!")!

    11 Abr 2010 Responder
  • tekkie69

    A tour de force, indeed.

    1 Jun 2009 Responder

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