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Finlandia (1996 – presente)

Nightwish es una popular banda de Power Metal Sinfónico procedente de Finlandia.

Nightwish nace en julio de 1996, durante una salida de camping de Tuomas Holopainen, quien concibe esta idea de formar una banda en la cual él pueda componer su música, ya que a pesar de ser un músico de estudio para la banda Darkwoods My Betrothed, siente la necesidad de componer sus propias canciones, a su manera. Es por esto que recurre al también músico de sesión de esa banda, Erno Vuorinen (Emppu) como guitarrista. Ambos solicitan la colaboración de Tarja Turunen (en ese tiempo una novata soprano de la Jean Sibelius Academy de Helsinki) y tiempo después llegará a la banda Jukka Nevalainen. Originalmente Nightwish era un proyecto acústico que evolucionó en un acto metal al darse cuenta que la potente voz de Tarja era más adecuada para música de caracter más «bombástico», como el mismo teclista ha manifestado.

Durante la primera mitad de 1997, firman contrato con Spinefarm Records y grabaron un demo de 7 canciones, (entre ellas, Nightwish, la cuál después daría su nombre a la banda) las que a la postre formarían parte de Angels Fall First, el primer disco de la banda. En el segundo semestre de dicho año grabaron otras 4 canciones y publicaron el single titulado The Carpenter, con colaboración de Darkwoods My Bethrothed y Children of Bodom, todo un éxito de ventas en Finlandia. Finalmente, a principios de noviembre, sale al mercado Angels Fall First, con idéntico resultado.


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  • nDroae

    "The Finns have something they call sisu. It is a compound of bravado and bravery, of ferocity and tenacity, of the ability to keep fighting after most people would have quit, and to fight with the will to win." "It is not so much about achievement as it is about facing your challenges with valor and determination. It's the psychological strength capacity that enables individuals to power on when they've reached the end of their psychological or physical resources." "Sisu has been described as so essential to the Finnish national character that 'to be a real Finn' you must have it." Now I know why Tuomas had to settle for being a citizen of the ocean

    ayer por la noche Responder
  • michael_yatesy

    the only redeeming thing about Alpenglow's existence is hearing Floor singing about jubjub birds in that way too serious dark voice. Wayfarer on the other hand is super catchy and great.

    Ayer 5:05am Responder
  • EmeraldIsland

    wayfarer is the best choice

    Ayer 9:52pm Responder
  • DorianVonEden

    Along with Bye Bye Beautiful, Storytime and Alpenglow, I guess. Wait, they're all actually the same song.

    6 Jul 17:58 Responder
  • michael_yatesy

    wasn't wish i had an angel intended to be played ironically in goth nightclubs? right? ?!?

    6 Jul 3:11 Responder
  • nDroae

    Not Moondance? vv I've seen Hunter × Hunter described as "the thing I kept watching the longest despite feeling nothing from it"

    6 Jul 2:23 Responder
  • DanieloPop

    Endless forms most beautiful is the most dancing song of NW

    6 Jul 0:07 Responder
  • EmeraldIsland

    samurai X first 2 seasons re soooo awesome ,also I Enjoy some childish anime like sket Dance its enjoyable Digimon Adventure too . I have always loved pokemon But never knew what the ending is lol . BTW X Hunter is beyond amazing .

    5 Jul 1:04 Responder
  • nDroae

    In the year 2015, Cain's Offering did a better job of recycling Nightwish than Nightwish itself did v Aye, Kenshin has been in my to-watch for years :) Sigh... another 100-episode series. Well, 94, plus the movies. I just updated my "plan to watch" with EVERYTHING. (And I thought taking on 50 years of Doctor Who was daunting... at least that was only one series, and it was fine and easy to skip around.)

    2 Jul 21:55 Responder
  • EmeraldIsland

    @nDroae U must watch samurai X . its my favorite <3

    1 Jul 22:20 Responder
  • CGholy


    29 Jun 23:00 Responder
  • nDroae

    I just hit 7,500 Nightwish plays. In honor of Tuomas wanting his precious LPs to be swallowed whole, here's the last time I listened to each Nightwish LP from start to finish. Enfomobe: 104 days. Imaginaerum and Century Child: 3 years, 2 months. DPP: 3 years, 8 months. Once, Wishmaster, and Oceanborn: 5 years, 7 months. AFF: never. vv Haha, cute. :D That's great, that Sailor Moon made it there, at least in coloring book form.

    29 Jun 1:16 Responder
  • shodan21

    @Dorian charmed was a pretty good show, although i didnt actually watch it until well after it ended (and i still havent really watched much from the first three seasons).

    27 Jun 16:23 Responder
  • EmeraldIsland

    I always had the sailor moon as coloring books when I was 5 ,6,7 and they were rare to find ,the editions always have been written in english or japanese so I never knew what's the name so I always named it the 5 girls since I always saw 5 main girls in every coloring book I was painting or drawing. so everytime I go to the store I ask for the 5 girls lol But haven't had any idea what their story was all about till now acutely though I was astonished by it at that time .in jordan ,Tv mean syrian channels or the jordanian channel and those never aired it . BTW I just faced what dorian has faced.but in many ways I had my own world and I didn't care much since I was drawing very good at early age so I felt they re just jealous.though I have always been bushed for loving anything included a female icon like tomb raider,resident evil,symphonic metal but after some experience I just discovered that most of those have psychological problem including lack of confidence in their own manhood .

    27 Jun 8:47 Responder
  • nDroae

    It's that way for some people with listening to female fronted bands (not sorry Floor) being "gay," like what, the ideal man is exclusively attracted to women AND exclusively consumes man-media made by men and full of men? I'm normally rather good at at least understanding where people are coming from, but that perspective is too far beyond crazy :P

    27 Jun 3:33 Responder
  • DorianVonEden

    When I first started watching Sailor Moon it was kind of socially unacceptable for boys to like it, as it was considerer a 100% girly thing. I was a closeted fan and my best friend would often blackmail me over that. I just had to overcome my mom's disapproval of the monsters and violence, but after a few episodes she got as hooked up as I was (pretty much like she did with Charmed years later). On the other hand, I wasn't very bothered by the sexy because I was already quite used to it, courtesy of my father not sending me out of the room while he watched this when my mom was at work. Side note: I guess the Sailor Senshi and the Cin Cin girls started my obsession with collecting homogeneous items only different in colours and small details.

    26 Jun 15:54 Responder
  • nDroae

    I found the Sailor Moon intro I remember and I actually started CRYING AT HOW AMAZING IS THAT SWOOPING SHOT SIX SECONDS IN WITH THEM ALL LINED UP that is a defining moment of awesome forever. Also I watched Miyazaki's The Wind Rises today... cried at that too. And just to check, yesterday I re-watched the first ten minutes of Star Trek (2009)... yep, six years later Chris Hemsworth still makes me cry every time. Guess I got my tears back / confirmed still am human after all :3

    26 Jun 2:33 Responder
  • rrrrrrrie

    lady gaga diva

    25 Jun 18:29 Responder
  • nDroae I watched the intro to Sailor Moon a few times on Toonami when I was a child and was like THIS IS AWESOME, but I was too scared to be seen watching it because of the sexy :/ Now they say it's only really good if you have nostalgia, but I'll give it a try anyway, before I watch Crystal. I've found some lists of the best episodes to skip to, so I might do that. And then I'll finally check out PreCure :P I just found out there aren't 200 episodes of Ah! My Goddess (for the last ten years for some reason I thought there were) which means I can watch it yaaaaaay

    25 Jun 15:37 Responder
  • CGholy

    Sailor Moon was awesome.

    25 Jun 9:55 Responder
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