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Natural Snow Buildings


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Es un dúo Frances, formado por artistas y Mehdi Ameziane Gularte Solange. Tocan música que se puede clasificar como folk psicodélico experimental con elementos de aviones no tripulados y las influencias ambientales. Formado en 1997, lanzado numerosos álbumes, muchos de ellos en cantidades extremadamente limitadas.


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  • Clockworker18

    Was Ist Das?, the label that released the new Isengrind tape (which is pretty good, IMO) said in an email that it'll be releasing a new NSB tape at some point. That'd be much appreciated after that drought we had.

    24 Jul 18:59 Responder
  • majo334

    their new album ' The Night Country ' is simply beautiful. since i'm listening to it i have to think about the minimalistic text-based game ' A Dark Room ' i'm passionately playing since weeks. ' The Night Country ' sounds like the perfect soundtrack to this adventure - absolutely amazing...

    14 Jul 19:04 Responder
  • EishunK

    Solange and Mehdi are otherwordly beings.

    11 Jul 10:45 Responder
  • objectivetaste

    That's a shame. Thanks for the info though!

    2 Jul 4:12 Responder
  • Oblomovismo

    Here's their live set in Milan:

    1 Jul 23:53 Responder
  • anarchodandyist

    Set Cragg Vale alight on Saturday.

    1 Jul 15:14 Responder
  • Clockworker18

    @objectivetaste, doesn't exist online AFAIK. Hell, I have slight doubts about it existing in the first place. I'd love to be proven wrong, though. Also, they have FINALLY released a new album, The Night Country, limited to only 50 copies though... hopefully I can find one soon, seeing as how it's only available on their tour in Europe.

    1 Jul 2:30 Responder
  • oOo0o0o0oOo

    their music sounds like you were preparing for a trip to some faraway, plague ridden land. you know you will never come back. there is a railway station scene, a person you love is there to bid you farewell. they gently wave a snow white tissue, suddenly, it's carried away by the wind, camera starts slowly following it

    29 Jun 20:36 Responder
  • objectivetaste

    Anyone know where I can find a copy of Witch-Season?

    29 Jun 8:18 Responder
  • GauledOne

    European tour, NSB style - London, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hebden Bridge, Geneva, Milan, Prague.

    31 May 12:35 Responder
  • lonesomeberlin

    Love in the form of music

    8 May 1:26 Responder
  • MaDCooL4ever

    Pure magic and life. Extraordinary.

    3 May 20:29 Responder
  • Andromedios

    That's the charm of it.

    13 Abr 21:45 Responder
  • Pseudo-Cult

    this is beyond comprehension

    9 Abr 12:31 Responder
  • Urubutsin

    earthrot_: go home, you're drunk.

    29 Mar 15:08 Responder
  • I0000days

    Owing to the fact that they are so easily the greatest band ever, I often forget that they are rather unknown.

    21 Mar 23:32 Responder
  • GauledOne

    Seems like there was an NSB release due on Southern Records' Latitude series in September last year - - but nothing yet. And does anyone know if the collab with Ben Nash is still a work in progress? According to Blackest Rainbow they were recording together after the UK tour in 2012...

    8 Mar 12:26 Responder
  • nickinko

    They may not be the band for you earthrot_. It's hard for me to think of a more consistent and distinctive band. The usual accusation is that all their albums sound the same.

    5 Mar 8:50 Responder
  • earthrot_

    Probably the most inconsistent band that I've listened to in a long while, there are so much material I cannot stand. Granted I haven't listened to everything they've put up, but still, I'm about halfway through their discography and there has been maybe one good album, rest has been experimental shit which is really hard to dig.

    28 Feb 6:31 Responder
  • Clockworker18

    According to the description on in the concert they're performing in the Czech Republic, they're coming out with stuff on Southern Records and Beta-Lactam Ring Records, as well as reissuing Dance with Ba Da Bing and Students of Decay. I sure hope so, but I didn't see any mention on any of those sites, so I'll believe it when I see it. And I feel like they're kinda past that phase, unfortunately, as they seem to do a style for a while and then do something new. I image any new stuff will be a lot like their early stuff mixed with Beyond the Veil. And I'd like reissues of those two, I have a nice copy of Slayer, but my copy of Wheel is kinda icky.

    26 Feb 21:59 Responder
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