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  • alefspfc

    this song sucks

    Febrero 2014
  • relaxdud3


    Noviembre 2013
  • Melquana21

    Such an underrated track

    Octubre 2013
  • ManDirky

    People hate on this because it's on Nastradamus. If it was on Stillmatic, people would say it's a classic club banger.

    Septiembre 2013
  • MidwestLounger

    Why do so many people hate on this song? It's a pretty good club banger.

    Octubre 2012
  • skymugen

    nas good track

    Septiembre 2012
  • Flesh-n-Bone

    A real abortion of a song [2]

    Abril 2011
  • pamento

    A real abortion of a song

    Julio 2008