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    17 Jul 2011, 21:07 de Tibo-FB

  • Getting On My Tits

    23 Jul 2007, 19:01 de ChazzaMuffin

    What's getting on my tits right now...

    - Finding out that I have lost EVERYTHING on my PC. Thousands of tracks, a fair amount of photographs, a varied collection of pornography, West Ham nearing European domination on Football Manager (so I made that last bit up)... It's all gone man. I don't even have sound anymore. The worst thing, it's happened before and the cry was to "back it up!" Fuck you and your 'I told you so'.

    - Record stores moaning about the internet and downloads. I think they should probably forget about that and ask themselves why you can click on cdwow or play, pick up the same CD that they are stocking for £4+ less and get it delivered to your house for free, all in the space of a couple of minutes.

    The Arctic Monkeys were widely proclaimed as one of the first internet finds. How many albums have they sold, legally?

    - "Oooh, look at Kanye West. All he does is copy other peoples work and add some shit rap to the top."