My Interview at KUCI 88.9FM with Dan Surround by Mike Peralta

13 Oct 2011 | de

Hello friends! This is just a quick little update to let you all know about a recent interview I got to do live on the radio, in case you haven't already seen the million tweets I made about it.

Basically there is this kick ass station in my area called KUCI, run by (I believe) the University of California, Irvine. They broadcast over the air - 88.9FM, and have a live mp3 stream anyone can hear over the internet. They host a wide variety of programs and they are mainly driven by the desire to enrich and enlighten your musical culture, so they mostly play unknown or small acts, and they actually have some kind of rule that if someone is getting national radio play, they can't be played on KUCI. How cool is that?

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Notice: I've recently added two new blog categories called "Random" and "Mouth Diarrhea", which don't have a lot to do with my actual music/career. The Random category will have stuff almost completely unrelated to me, aside from the fact that it contains my rambling babblings, and Mouth Diarrhea is more of a journal related to non-music stuff.

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