Playground of the Damned

Shadow Kingdom Records
Fecha de lanzamiento
24 Oct 2011
Número de temas
8 temas
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    Tema     Duración Oyentes
1 Jackhammer 5:27 1.294
2 Into The Into The Maelstrom 4:47 211
3 Playground Of The Damned 4:27 1.186
4 Grindhouse 7:50 1.083
5 Abattoir De La Mort 7:14 1.031
6 Fire Of Asshurbanipal 4:40 4.053
7 Brethren Of The Hammer 5:02 1.002
8 Art Of War 7:16 1.044

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  • CoryellsGhost

    That fuckin' metal warlock still has It.

    6 Oct 2014 Responder
  • Skaddar

    But all in all, the album does not feel like it refers to the same over all feeling or topic. I don't know how to describe it, but Playground... feels like every song is connected with an overall atmosphere.

    13 Feb 2013 Responder
  • Marsbergen

    I dunno if I'd say Mysterium lacks consistency. A few too many of the songs utilize a very similar melody as the main riff.

    10 Feb 2013 Responder
  • Skaddar

    I thinkt that this is maybe the best album they ever made. It is definitely better than Mysterium, because you can see there is the same or a similar idea throughout the whole album. Mysterium lacks a bit of consistency.

    8 Feb 2013 Responder
  • Marsbergen

    Buy this album or die at the hands of the Lords of Light.

    24 Dic 2012 Responder
  • FearCrusher

    Good enough, 8/10. Of course Shelton & Co. could do better but thats also enjoyable epic and heavy album. I'm totally not disappointed. And yeah finde a good rip or better buy it.

    26 Nov 2012 Responder
  • fatalportrait99

    V That must've been what I listened to, because I thought the production sucked.

    5 Feb 2012 Responder
  • ChaosLlama

    Fucking awesome album. Beware of the shitty vinyl rips floating around on the internet.

    1 Dic 2011 Responder
  • KeIemvor

    Rather disappointing. Not as great as all four predecessors. Still decent though.

    23 Nov 2011 Responder
  • tristan_f

    Simply Beautiful . The Heavy Metal album of 2011 !!!

    20 Nov 2011 Responder

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