The Roaring Silence

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1 Blinded by the Light 3:48 43.790
2 Singing the Dolphin Through 8:17 201
3 Waiter There's a Yawn in My Ear 4:01 19
4 The Road to Babylon 6:24 243
5 This Side of Paradise 4:47 163
6 Starbird 3:09 160
7 Questions 3:58 2.019

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  • zedhed

    P.S. and the point of that ramblin' is the cut...Road to Babylon...! It was a Great tune (though a bit TOO Great to put on the radio, when ya got Blinded by the Light as a pretty decent , more pop directed single, rather than emotional and inspirationally artistic)and very hard to get out of your head...Singing the dolphins through get some great emo as well, check out this album we must not let b

    17 Feb 2008 Responder
  • zedhed

    ...continuing...she wnts to see what i be doin sittin in her backyard in middle o nite? xplaind bout da music movin me so, and she gets all Cool, just got the lp an all' we got t talkin an 1 ting lead t nother, y 'know the rest!! Best 8 mnths of me life!

    17 Feb 2008 Responder
  • zedhed

    This is a Great album that goes waaay back for me...was wandering through a neighborhood in FLA, about 1976 maybe, (16-17 yrs old), and stopped in someones backyard as I hear a very loud, beautiful, & inspirational bit of rock'n'roll comin' through this I'm sittin' there in rapt attention to the tune, and just absolutely diggin' it, when this BEAUTIFUL Babe comes out there, and ...

    17 Feb 2008 Responder

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