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Corea del Sur (2009 – presente)

MBLAQ (엠블랙), acrónimo de Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality, es un grupo de cinco chicos coreanos creado por el cantante de kpop Rain () bajo su discográfica, J-Tune Entertainment.

El grupo debutó el 9 de octubre de 2009 en el concierto de Rain «Legend of Rainism». Días después, el 14 de octubre, salió a la venta su primer miniálbum, «JUST BLAQ», que llegó a la cima de las listas de éxitos musicales de Corea del Sur.

- 승호 (Seung Ho / Líder, vocalista principal)
- 지오 (G.O / Vocalista principal, antes de unirse a MBLAQ fue miembro de Tykeys)

- 이준 (Joon / Vocalista, bailarín Principal)
- 천둥 (Cheondoong / Rapero, bailarín Principal, vocalista)
- 미르 (Mir / Rapero principal)

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  • Mrfupa

    Tbh, they're probably going to disband. Mirror peaked at #80 on Gaon. Yikes.

    27 Jun 5:04 Responder
  • ChAelitaNicole

    i'll miss my ot5 :C [11] Whyyyyyyyy?? :'(

    23 Jun 16:15 Responder
  • snowfairys-

    I'm just glad that they didn't break up even after Joon and Thunder left. I'm so proud of them, the mini album is amazing tho I still hope they'll come back with another upbeat song in the future, but their ballads / slow songs are awesome

    21 Jun 10:19 Responder
  • Everton-Roberto

    Waiting for new songs like Oh Yeah, Y, Mona Lisa and This Is War for the new lineup =P

    19 Jun 23:38 Responder
  • Naeuigeudae

    i'll miss my ot5 :C [10]

    15 Jun 15:34 Responder
  • itbecca

    would you guys vote up for this image? ♥

    13 Jun 20:51 Responder
  • amandagrego

    Mirror is the new definition of perfection. ♥ [2]

    12 Jun 20:30 Responder
  • iorweth_

    They were my first kpop boyband I got into but seeing how trashy JTune is no wonder Joon and Thunder left them.

    12 Jun 11:21 Responder
  • MilaMuller18

    어머!!!! The best MBLAQ lyrics eveeerrrr! 나무 (Tree) ♥

    10 Jun 17:49 Responder
  • Songhun

    Mirror is just so bittersweet idk

    10 Jun 4:36 Responder
  • MilaMuller18

    I'm so proud of the 3 boys! [4] To me, the best ones still are in the band =) Even that I used to like Joon and Thunder´s voice

    10 Jun 0:32 Responder
  • MilaMuller18

    Wow! I think 나무 (Tree) is the best music MBLAQ ever did! What´s Mir´s voice? O.O ♥ Broke my heart! Anxious to know the lyrics! Amazing "come back"!

    10 Jun 0:30 Responder
  • YourGetawayCar

    I'm so proud of my boys! [3] They went through a lot... A+ will bring your smiles back!

    9 Jun 16:37 Responder
  • miyu382

    I'm so proud of my boys! [2]

    9 Jun 2:15 Responder
  • dark-aura

    Mirror is the new definition of perfection. ♥

    8 Jun 23:02 Responder
  • whypaula

    I'm so proud of my boys!

    8 Jun 17:26 Responder
  • Lifunia

    THE NEW ALBUM... OMG! it's perfect as usual ^__^ Sorry for the caps i'm just so excited haha :D I especially love 'I Know U Want Me' ♥ And Mirror is perfect too ^__^

    8 Jun 16:58 Responder
  • YourGetawayCar

    So happy they're coming back. They're one of the few R&B geared groups who haven't gone hip-hop, and it would be a real loss to the industry if they weren't around. Can't wait to hear the song!

    6 Jun 20:08 Responder
  • trapgoldz

    today mblaq released news about their comeback, the new minialbum is named as "mirror" and will be released in june.

    27 May 20:16 Responder
  • SamuraiSx

    I am totally disappointed in Joonie's decision to leave band because his beautiful voice and dancing will go to waste. It's good to act but I don;t and cant see him as totally and only actor. :/ rlly disappointing I thought blaqies were like familly and enjoyed doing and performing music but some of members like Joonie and Thunder don't go by that flow as I see now.. :(( rlly Thunder's mellow voice it's a shame he also left mblaq I rlly don't know what;s gotten with them but I will miss them as ot5 :/ still supporting my 3 fantastic guys who stayed I hope for new songs I know it's hard by being left like this but I hope they'll be back with new nice songs for us :3 i'll miss my ot5 :C [9]

    26 May 20:55 Responder
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