• About some of my top tracks

    7 Jun 2007, 3:31 de jetjag

    1 The MetersJust Kissed My Baby
    This pretty much is my favourite song, I have to admit. I love it to bits - in fact I have pulled the whole thing to bits in my head a million times and I do love every bit of it. I've heard it sampled a few times, I guess most famously on Public Enemy's Yo! Bum Rush the Show, but I think nothing beats the original.

    2 Computer Soup
    Ha, this is actually an entire CD, completely unmarked with no tracklisting. I tagged all the tracks with the same title, cos I wasn't sure what else to do. It's not a very good album, and I don't listen to it much.

    3 My Bloody ValentineDon't Ask Why
    Great song off the fantastic Glider Ep, which preceded Loveless. I first heard this on a Creation Records sampler called something like Staring at the Sun, and was blown away. I love the melody, the mood, the way it switches up to what could be a rock out and then holds back heeeeaps short of exploding. Coolness. …