Love Like... Electrocution

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1 We Only Fuck To Black Sabbath Vol. 4 1:48 2.988
2 10 Steps to Avoid the Clap: Number One - I Wouldn't Piss on a Scorpion If It Was on… 2:26 6
3 Das Plague (French for Germans) 0:00 3.295
4 With Horses in Her Eyes, She Spat Like a Wildcat 0:00 5.357
5 The Truth of the Matter Is I Am Satan and on the Guitars We Have the Devils. This Is… 1:12 815
6 Hunger Like Numb Toes on an Olso Sidewalk 1:09 858
7 The Tropics of Cancer, Capricorn, and a Smashed Face 1:33 887
8 I Might Have Shed a Tear for Him, but He's No Depardieu 0:49 454
9 This Charade Has Lasted Well Past the Curtains Fall 0:00 2.444
10 We've Built Our Tombs. Now We're Sleeping in Them 2:17 886
11 The Graduate Walks With a Distant Gait 0:00 3.085

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