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  • littlechuckiec

    beautiful song

    Diciembre 2012
  • tad72

    this is my 2nd fav from Live; OVERCOME is my absolute fav from these guys, so meaningful and beautiful.

    Agosto 2012
  • lyrik_raydio

    The beginning of this song reminds me of Say It Ain't So...

    Julio 2012
  • ulissespiassa

    Why on earth is this link playing "Knocking on the heaven's door"? :P

    Abril 2012
  • jessi_davis

    ♥ ♥ ♥ Great lyrics!

    Octubre 2011
  • flutgos

    A great song with a great meaning.

    Octubre 2011
  • Smok_


    Marzo 2011
  • igorsoares07

    Noviembre 2010
  • Noadiah

    Good song! Love the chorus :)

    Octubre 2010
  • sammi_KINS

    i adore this song. it's so meaningful. and cheesy, yes, but most life truths are.

    Julio 2010
  • serenasattar

    great song!

    Julio 2010
  • eyecrusty

    Forgot all about these guys

    Julio 2010
  • Goetheist

    I don´t need no prove...

    Mayo 2010
  • sdlierle

    Great Alt. Rock Band!!! They played the bombing concert 15 yrs ago in Okcity,Oklahoma at the Civic Center!!!!

    Mayo 2010
  • chiroboy20


    Febrero 2010
  • clairecameron

    Cheesy lyrics but beautiful at the same time and I love this band! X

    Enero 2010
  • shimada1975


    Enero 2010
  • InnerVikingSoul

    This is cool. These guys are great. :)

    Enero 2010
  • Pellkoppf

    ღ ♫ღ

    Noviembre 2009
  • ramtix

    love this track

    Noviembre 2009
  • paulinho18

    That's a wonderful song. My favorite one when it comes to Live!

    Agosto 2009
  • cheeseaki


    Agosto 2009
  • palmao

    qe buen grupo

    Junio 2009
  • Galakuel

    long time without listening to this song.. so goood !

    Junio 2009
  • drime

    Made me cry the first time I heard It.

    Abril 2009
  • JulioOlmedo

    du surf!!!!!

    Abril 2009
  • nubplayer

    yeaa, see the sunset

    Marzo 2009
  • AngelMoncao

    adoro =)

    Marzo 2009
  • karenwaleria

    Amiga hj que consegui abrir...não sei o que deu.Conheço um pouco,bem pouco...E lá vms nós pra pesquisa.bjx

    Marzo 2009
  • buzzlotm

    Bout damn time they fixed this !

    Febrero 2009
  • Uttel

    That gave me a good laugh :)

    Febrero 2009
  • vprd


    Febrero 2009
  • buzzlotm

    Sigh. They still haven't fixed this...

    Febrero 2009
  • Rowan5215


    Febrero 2009
  • texmam

    Live.......I think not.

    Febrero 2009
  • maria-angelitus

    Amo a Robbie!!!!

    Enero 2009
  • swedishme

    WTF... :(

    Enero 2009
  • svega0

    this is Robbie Williams :S no LIVE But i love this songs

    Enero 2009
  • branuo

    ...something wrong... ;-))))

    Enero 2009
  • vintageblues

    That's hilarious! Love both LIVE and Robbie and this is still a great song regardless......

    Enero 2009
  • Amelia5

    you are right, it's not LIVE but Robbie...where is LIVE?

    Enero 2009
  • dschuette

    Not Live but Robbie, so good nonetheless... :þ

    Enero 2009
  • keeeno

    i love this song (as in the actual song) and its funny cos i also like all the related tracks too

    Enero 2009
  • sjlovestorock

    Diciembre 2008
  • rgarratt

    still not the right song, whoever sings this , should retire please fix

    Diciembre 2008
  • elisagonzalez

    Robbie Kowalczyk! jjajajaja

    Diciembre 2008
  • sandilyon


    Diciembre 2008
  • OscarGoh

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who has the wrong track. Anyone from paying attention?

    Diciembre 2008
  • neutraalivaris


    Diciembre 2008
  • pedronewlands

    Not Live. Why is it wrong like this?

    Diciembre 2008