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1. Leviathan es una banda de black metal/ambient formada en 1998 en Estado Unidos (San Francisco, California) por un solo miembro, «Wrest», a las vocales y todos los instrumentos. Sus temas líricos principales son el satanismo, la oscuridad, la misantropía, el suicidio y el ocultismo. Su trabajo hasta el momento está constituído por 5 discos de estudio, 14 demos, 8 splits, 2 EP’s y 4 recopilatorios. Otras bandas en las que participa o ha participado Jef Stuart («Wrest») son Hate Meditation (al bajo), Nachtmystium (a la batería, en estudio), Sunn O)) (puso voz a un tema) o Krieg (colaboró tanto a la batería como al bajo).

2. Leviathan también es el nombre de una banda de heavy metal venezolano.

3. Banda de death metal formada en Buffalo (USA) en el año 1986 por el guitarrista Jeff Juszkiewicz y el bajista Greg St. John (ambos después formarían Malevolent Creation) y Chris Barnes (posteriormente llegaría a Cannibal Corpse) a las voces.

4. Banda de power metal/metal progresivo de EEUU.


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  • adr_ew

    Absolutely devastating piece of music. Hail Wrest!

    23 Nov 14:50 Responder

    V sub human scum.

    18 Nov 5:03 Responder
  • GraveHill1992

    V faggot

    13 Nov 15:30 Responder


    3 Oct 0:59 Responder
  • MercilessSinner

    New Leviathan / Krieg split, pretty neat:

    1 Oct 16:55 Responder
  • Spuuki

    Glad to see Wrest is doing fine. Happy family stuff, new Leviathan record, releasing old Lurker stuff and having a new project with his girlfriend AND with the ex-Twilight crew. You show 'em !

    10 Sep 20:02 Responder
  • m0ph0 next year

    10 Sep 17:57 Responder

    I cried :(

    11 Jul 2:03 Responder
  • m0ph0

    Profound Lore did not deliver and haven't explained why. pissed

    5 Jul 14:38 Responder
  • michelleliu91

    i like leviathan,not black metal one,but hardcore.

    20 Jun 13:53 Responder
  • Evil_Deicider

    Cold Caress \\m/

    14 Jun 7:50 Responder
  • m0ph0

    And Profound Lore should have something on the 10th, if the teaser they posted was in fact a Leviathan release

    5 Jun 8:49 Responder


    30 May 3:09 Responder
  • GraveHill1992

    "He's a rapist, but a nice guy" hahahahahahaha son of a bitch

    24 May 17:22 Responder
  • WarWolfSpirit

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I only have a shitty $30 USB Turntable, but it gets the job done to be able to listen to it through my stereo, and it also makes perfect vinyl rips. You should save up for one if you can.

    1 May 20:38 Responder
  • TrueMithrandir

    who is this fruitcake? I only like the 70s US Prog band

    1 May 4:04 Responder
  • hrenznaetkto

    I know there will be released online, but it's nothing like having actual physical copy of the release. That's what makes me sad.

    30 Abr 13:56 Responder
  • WarWolfSpirit

    I'm sure a 'scene' releaser, such as BERC will get their grubby hands on it, & make sure it's uploaded with THEIR name on it. (With a bunch of mistakes, & wrong info, as usual) However, if I can have anything to do with preventing that from happening, I will. I hate when scene releasers destroy a vinyl/tape rip of an album that everyone will eventually be subject to, because there is only one rip circulating. The first one uploaded. If there is a case in point, it's some of the demos, & even the Black Metal Against The World split, which the label & releasers both fucked up monumentally. (Mislabeled) Also ripped with no attention to detail, & lazily thrown in a folder/upped to a site. There were doubles, shit not labeled; a fake demo 8; fake pics-The list goes on. I don't like doing this without asking the artist personally; however, I'll release this one to ensure the quality, as well as information posted. It WILL be released by someone. It's Leviathan. So I may as well do it myself.

    30 Abr 2:08 Responder
  • hrenznaetkto

    Well, shit. Wish i had a vinyl player.

    29 Abr 12:41 Responder
  • WarWolfSpirit

    Yes, it will be a split 7" released through Holy Terror records sometime this year. No one really knows a timetable yet, however. All I know, is that the records parts are completed, but really have no other new information to give anyone.

    27 Abr 22:12 Responder
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