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  • AnaalForsage

    My favorite Claypool side project

    Enero 2015
  • JamesHippieKid

    But it is..

    Noviembre 2012
  • gacktxrawr

    the animals cover album is cool and all but people... it's not better than the original lol, plain and simple [2]

    Octubre 2012
  • MedusaCurse


    Mayo 2012
  • Killerkyle1994

    the animals cover album is cool and all but people... it's not better than the original lol, plain and simple

    Abril 2012
  • deadjesusrodeo1

    the awakeninggg

    Febrero 2012
  • wooomb

    Thela hun ginjeet, thela hun ginjeet(10)!!!

    Febrero 2012
  • yapooos

    Diciembre 2011
  • Carl_rere

    Purple onion. :3

    Noviembre 2011
  • JokerRamone

    animals's cover live album is awesome![2]

    Junio 2011
  • ASDFPrower

    Thela hun ginjeet, thela hn ginjeet(8)!!!

    Abril 2011
  • zilafon

    animals's cover live album is awesome!

    Enero 2011
  • kevincoyne

    i prefer the purple onion album

    Octubre 2010
  • Oliveeeeeeeeer

    i was just recommended your stuff and i like what i hear :)

    Julio 2010
  • JamesHippieKid

    Best Jam band ever!!! (at lest my favorite) Wish they would tour again, I would probably pay any ticket price to see them!!!

    Julio 2010
  • klog

    Stuff is intense.

    Julio 2010
  • betOPL

    P-P-P-P-Purple onion onion... onion....... onion..........

    Junio 2010
  • CommetBoxJunky


    Mayo 2010
  • nekultura

    Awesome project.Jazz <3

    Mayo 2010
  • Mahglazzies

    @SagawaKemper - I agree with you mostly, except for the fact that "Cosmic Highway" wouldn't exist if it were like that. And "Cosmic Highway" is one beastly track. However, their live stuff is GODLIKE. Their cover of "Dogs" is (dare I say?) better than the original, and everything on "Live Frogs Set 1" is a work of art. A jam band is a beautiful thing.

    Abril 2010
  • SagawaKemper

    i enjoy the live albums more. honestly i wish they never did a studio album.

    Abril 2010
  • marbjell

    this was fun! :-)

    Abril 2010
  • christerflea

    i'm supprised David Makalaster isn't higher

    Marzo 2010
  • LowWaterMark

    . . . wow

    Marzo 2010
  • I_Bombed_Korea

    This is the correct title of the band, as reported and tagged by gracenote.

    Enero 2010
  • N0tB00tZILLA

    There are two actual frog brigades, one live, one studio

    Diciembre 2009
  • listentoPablo

    Claypool rules, je,je

    Diciembre 2009
  • tupelo_stevo

    after nearly 4 years since the last time i heard this ive finally cracked on live sets 1 and 2 again......still as good as i remember

    Julio 2009
  • JeroenKlomp

    (me @ Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade): Flag this as correct! Live Frogs: Set 1 and Live Frogs: Set 2 is released by Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Purple Onion by The Les Claypool Frog Brigade. Go also to the artist page of Les Claypool's Frog Brigade and click the "suggest a correction link" to tell that's wrong.

    Julio 2009
  • jackalow

    best song on purple onion is cosmic highway, you must all check it out! NOW!

    Junio 2009
  • Signofthezodiac


    Febrero 2009
  • ReverendDoom

    picked up Purple Onion - solid stuff.

    Octubre 2008
  • Jim19

    seen him solo twice, and the entire band was a bassist (Les of course) a saxophonist, a drummer, xylophonist/2nd drummer, and a sitarist.... pure insanity

    Septiembre 2008
  • Domfunkle

    100% agreed with Lemmmmy. Shine On is GOLD!

    Agosto 2008
  • commander666

    Please keep on rockin Les!

    Junio 2008
  • kevincoyne

    will the Frog Brigade ever ride again?

    Enero 2008
  • lemmmmmy

    Shine On may be the best cover ever!

    Diciembre 2007
  • ProgNinja

    hmmm i thought thela hun ginjeet is a king crimson song... wait it is! awesome cover :D claypool = god

    Octubre 2007
  • MonkeyphoneAlex

    when i saw t6hat best buy carried live dfrogs set 2, of whales and woe, and big eyeball in the sky i was very happy

    Marzo 2007
  • intricid

    i will get to see Les Claypool one day, oh yes, that day will come.

    Marzo 2007

    Febrero 2007
  • Ebenyi

    live frog sets are realy amazing? Thela Hun Ginjeet is the most wonderful song I have ever heard

    Enero 2007
  • xsaxappealx

    Les Claypool rocks my world so hard. He's so fucking talented. He totally blows me away. Purple Onion is amazing.

    Diciembre 2006