• Top 20 (and more) of 2008

    1 Feb 2009, 15:26 de beer_snob

    Same as last year. No reviews, willing to elaborate on some albums if asked to.

    1.Esoteric-The Maniacal Vale
    2.Manilla Road-Voyager
    4.Ironsword-Overlords Of Chaos
    5.Sauron-Satanic Assassins
    6.Grand Magus-Iron Will
    7.Acid Witch-Witchtanic Hellucinations
    8.Hammers of Misfortune-Fields / Church Of Broken Glass
    9.Blood Ceremony-Blood Ceremony
    11.Darkspace-Dark Space III
    12.Gama Bomb-Citizen Brain
    13.Darkestrah-The Great Silk Road
    14.Hooded Menace-Fulfill The Curse
    15.Kalevala-Tow Of Snowwhite Flax
    17.Witchfinder General-Resurrected
    18.The Lamp of Thoth-Portents, Omens & Dooms
    19.Intestine Baalism-Ultimate Instinct
    20.Torture Squad-Hellbound

    21.Demians-Building An Empire
    22.Heidevolk-Walhalla Wacht
    23.October Falls-The Womb Of Primordial Nature
    25.Deathhammer-Forever Ripping Fast
  • Projects worth to check out

    8 Ene 2009, 16:28 de Tyr_morituri

    Nearly unknown bands and projects that deserve attention!

    Updated on 29/09/09


    Brilliant experimental & atmospheric soundscapes that float between post-rock, neo-folk, black metal and ambient.

    The latest full-length is more than worth to check out!

    (The first release, and an ep can be downloaded for free!)


    Great progressive and experimental (black) metal/ambient.


    Best mix of post-rock, dark rock and post-punk of this time.

    Highly recommended!


    Most eerie and uncomfortable "music" I've ever heard. A mix between black metal, industrial and more!

    Art of Empathy

    Emotional atmospheric rock with neofolk/darkwave influenced. Extremely good!

    (The only album can be downloaded for free, recommended!)


    A very experimental & variable band/project that is free from all the clichés, I highly recommend their latest record "FÜHRER".

    All their releases a free for download everywhere!

  • Unknown Metal Weekly Newsletter {December 15 - 21, 2008}{Archive}

    24 Dic 2008, 2:04 de Hatebreeder_COB

    I would have said this last week, had my computer not crashed, Unknown Metal has breached the 300 members marker, and is continuing to grow. Also I encourage all of you to post your favorite bands from this year in the Best of '08 discussion. Other then that I don't have anything to say.

    1. Ulytau "... OMG!" That was first impression with this band. The first song starts off with this pounding drum, then next the violin comes in, followed by the guitar and the it's off from there. I'm not really sure if could call this band "Metal," but you definitely can call them amazing. The fusion of violin, electric and acoustic guitar, traditional and modern drums blends beautifully to create a delicious treat you can't ignore. I really don't care if this band is Metal or not, in my opinion they deserve the top spot this week, and I hope you'll agree.

    2. Kerbenok is an amazing Black Metal band. I've had their old album "Auf Wilden Pfaden / Im Einklang Der Gewalten" for quite some time now. …
  • Our intention

    15 Nov 2006, 22:25 de naturespirit

    Our music represents nature spirit. There is none which isn`t involved in the circle of nature, the immortal soul and the magic of percepting and creating countless realities into the one and everlasting - surrounding and flowing through us. The stream of energy, the stream of changes. Kerbenok has a deeply positive attitude and stands for wisdom, consciousness and creativity. Our name hasn`t anything to do with any known meaning it could stand for. Kerbenok was found in winter 2000.