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«KARA» es una girlband (grupo vocal de chicas) popular en Corea. Debutaron el 29 de Marzo del 2007 con cuatro miembros, Park Gyu Ri (líder), Han Seung Yeon, Kim Sung Hee y Jung Nicole. Su primer album se tituló The First Blooming donde mostraban una imagen madura e independiente.

En marzo del 2008, DSP Entertainment anuncia que SungHee deja el grupo debido a que falló en sus estudios, lo que obligó a retrasar el mini-album que tenían previsto lanzar ese mes. En mayo del mismo año dos nuevas integrantes se unen al grupo; Goo Hara y Kang Jiyoung con las cuales ya han sacado 2 mini-albums y un album titulado Revolution, de este último el single ‘Mister’ fue un gran éxito debido a su coreografía.

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  • aictopus

    Mamamia is one of KARA's best songs!!!!!! [2]

    Hace 2 horas Responder
  • Chriyeon

    And btw, I'm actually sorry for bashing Youngji's entry in the group. Even though I still think that the other contestants could fit better in the group and bring more fierceness, Youngji didn't do bad in her debut as a KARA member. Also, even though Nicole and Jiyoung (specially Nicole) are to be missed, I really think that now that the decision for Youngji to join the group has been made and she has already debuted, Kamilia should support her so she can keep improving and bringing KARA's fierceness to the stages, instead of boycotting her for absolutely no beneficial result for KARA (as a whole) at all.

    Ayer 9:04pm Responder
  • Chriyeon

    Doing great in sales or not, Mamma Mia is undeniably one of the best singles we've had this year. Vocals, instrumental, choreography, clothing, MV, everything about it is just flawless. Screw the charts. Kara is in the fucking house. ♡

    Ayer 8:53pm Responder
  • sweetscarecrow

    Step >>>>

    Ayer 3:34pm Responder
  • Lifunia

    I suspect that it didn't flop because they thought the song was bad, it flopped because they added a new member. That behaviour is so freaking childish.

    31 Ago 9:14 Responder
  • MidoriHo


    31 Ago 2:55 Responder
  • monochromevoid

    マンマミーア! > 맘마미아 [4]

    30 Ago 20:36 Responder
  • twinklesnow

    マンマミーア! > 맘마미아 [3]

    30 Ago 19:02 Responder
  • paula_abbey

    Mamamia is one of KARA's best songs!!!!!!

    30 Ago 4:31 Responder
  • JungHaewon

    マンマミーア! > 맘마미아 (Mamma Mia) [2]

    29 Ago 18:04 Responder
  • mrZENO_

    マンマミーア! > 맘마미아 (Mamma Mia)

    28 Ago 18:49 Responder
  • Aussiefan01

    Fully agree, I can't stop listening to it , its so addictive , hopefully they come back even bigger next time <3

    27 Ago 13:53 Responder
  • dreeeam

    v Kinda, but they managed to win a award so it's not all bad. Besides, who cares about fucking Korea's bad taste, the song and video are flawfree.

    27 Ago 3:54 Responder
  • Aussiefan01

    Did Mamma Mia flop? :(

    26 Ago 23:18 Responder
  • tassiam

    "이야기 is so beautiful [4] is this dedicated to nicole and jiyoung?" probably

    26 Ago 21:12 Responder

    Live ♥

    25 Ago 4:23 Responder
  • twinklesnow

    YoungJi <3 [2] stanning on them like neva before tbh <3

    24 Ago 15:41 Responder
  • junior_6710

    이야기 is so beautiful [5]

    24 Ago 15:06 Responder
  • niggasinparis

    Kamilia would've straight-up rejected Youngji if she'd been given any more attention/lines than she did so soon after joining the group. DSP is doing the right thing by allowing fans warm to her first.

    23 Ago 16:17 Responder
  • watwot

    Better than shoving Youngji down our throats, right? It's good for us and for her to take this time imo.

    23 Ago 4:07 Responder
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