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sun nombre artisitco Kamijo,que en realidad es Kamijou Yuuji,nacido en kanagawa el 19 de julio de 1975 (cancer),sus influencias musicales fueron Paul Mauriat, Richard Clayderman,los intrumentos que aprendio a tocar fueron el Piano, Guitarra

En noviembre del 1994, KAMIJO formo LALIENE, el grupo fue inicialmente firmado a Aplausos Records. La banda ganó éxito en la escena indie, que poco después cambió su nombre por el de Lareine en 1996. En 1999 obtuvo su primer gran contrato con Sony Music Entertainment, pero en agosto de 2000 la banda se disolvió de repente. A continuación, KAMIJO decidió continuar su carrera como artista en solitario, aún usando el nombre Lareine, y publicó el álbum Scream.

KAMIJO terminó su proyecto en solitario en junio de 2001 y el inicio NUEVA SODMY con Mayu, ex guitarrista de Lareine. Esta banda también no duró mucho tiempo, y se disolvió poco después del álbum debut de la liberación. En agosto de 2002 KAMIJO reanudó las actividades de la Lareine, manteniendo al mismo tiempo su carrera en solitario. El ex miembros, Mayu, Machi EMIRU y tomó parte en el proyecto como miembros de apoyo, y en 2003 se re-unió a la banda (salvo la batería, machi, que fue sustituido por Kazumi). En 2006, Kazumi decidió abandonar la banda por sus propios motivos personales, y poco después de Mayu. El último en vivo de Lareine se celebró el 31 de octubre con HIZAKI como un guitarrista de apoyo.


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  • tienxcore

    @pnthom setlist for LA was pretty good actually I enjoyed it but you're right they really should have played more lareine song especially fuyu tokyo or maybe Cinderella Fantasy would have been nice. He did play a few filler songs IMO ( Dying table and Bastille ). Would have loved to see him play Heart or Tsuioku no mon amour instead.

    17 Jun 9:29 Responder
  • pnthom

    Did anyone else here make it to the show in LA? What did you think about the setlist? I would've loved to have heard some more Lareine (Bara wa utsukushiku chiru, Billet, Fuyu Tokyo, especially), but overall it was a great show!

    11 Jun 17:24 Responder
  • bongo_brain

    Kamijo, fire whoever made your new video. "Noth America"?

    10 Jun 16:07 Responder
  • nuclearsparrow

    This new version of Imperial Concerto is so nice. Dying to hear the rest of the album :D . Hopefully there will be a metalized version of Bara !

    8 Jun 13:30 Responder
  • Le_newtype

    Yaasss @ 薔薇は美しく散る being played. He played Phantom in NYC, as well as Fiançailles, 冬東京, Masquerade, Shout and Bites, Aristocrat's Symphony, and Love Will Be Born Again.

    8 Jun 3:09 Responder
  • bongo_brain

    @pnthom: Beware, I am no expert, so do not kill me if I am wrong. I searched for 'kamijo los angeles' and amongst the results was which makes me think that the event is still on and tickets are still available. The page has a link to contact the event-owner, Torpedo Productions, and perhaps you could check the event's status that way. I looked at Beyond The Stars web site, and I got the impression that their calendar is broken. Not only does it fail to show Kamijo's gig, it fails to show any event. Again, there is a link to contact Beyond The Stars, so you could check that way. I did not look at Beyond The Stars Facebook because I am not a member.

    23 Mar 23:12 Responder
  • pnthom

    Anybody know anything about the Kamijo gig in Los Angeles? It's been advertised as being at Beyond the Stars, but I can't find anything about it on the venue's site, or fb page, or anywhere else. If I go, it'll be an 8 hour drive, so I'd hate to get all the way there to find out it's not happening.

    23 Mar 20:44 Responder

    I wish I could have heard Metamorphose (or Emeraude, really) live — but I was pleased with fiançailles, 薔薇は美しく散る, 冬東京 and あの人の愛した人なら…. No NEW SODMY in Germany, I didn't specifically miss their tracks but it would have been nice if they could have been thrown into the mix. For the Versailles tracks in Cologne: Ascendead Master, Shout & Bites and Masquerade.

    12 Mar 18:31 Responder
  • aitreni

    I went to London through Paris. He played Phantom and Metamorphose again in Marseille. That one turned out to be my favorite of the 4. There were few people in Marseille compared to the others so you might not expect it to be good, but because it was so intimate it was really intense and emotional. Paris was the longest (2 encores), and had a grand and energetic feeling. He started it by playing the entire "Symphony of the Vampire" in order.

    10 Mar 0:04 Responder
  • Le_newtype

    Someone posted the setlist from his Moscow live, I think, and he played Ascendead Master, Aristocrat's Symphony, Metamorphose, Phantom, Bara something something, and possibly Fuyu Tokyo. Heavy emphasis on his solo works makes sense since that's why he's touring after releasing an album.

    9 Mar 18:24 Responder
  • Juka08

    Concert in London was great, was hoping for more lareine. Also there was no New Sodmy songs which was strange as it's advertised but oh well still a great night.

    5 Mar 18:42 Responder
  • bongo_brain

    About the Kamijo concert in London yesterday (3 March): (1) Well done Kamijo! Vive le roi! (2) The emphasis was on his solo work. Approximately a quarter of the concert was taken by Versailles and Lareine songs. I was happy about that, but anybody who wanted a big Lareine revival would be disappointed. (3) Kamijo walked off the stage because somebody photographed him. The lesson is, when Kamijo says 'no pictures' he means it.

    4 Mar 1:35 Responder

    Lareine was Kamijo's highlight, I am so looking forward to hearing their tracks sung live by him.

    28 Feb 21:55 Responder
  • Shiroi_san

    Just waiting to see he in Brazil again <3

    28 Feb 21:03 Responder
  • Juka08

    Make the full set list all Lareine songs and I'm a happy chappy.

    25 Feb 23:39 Responder
  • gin-no-kage

    I love Lareine. The opportunity to hear their songs live is what makes me the happiest about this concert :) I'm looking forward to Versailles and his solo songs as well, but I've already heard them live, so I hope he performs as much Lareine as possible. It's going to be a great concert, either way!

    21 Feb 15:32 Responder
  • bongo_brain

    I bought a concert ticket today. I felt reluctant to buy a ticket earlier because (1) I dislike everything Kamijo did before Versailles started and (2) the price is double that of a ticket for the last Versailles concert. If I pay double and enjoy only half of the concert, that is bad value for money. So, Kamijo, I know you will never read this, but I will tell you anyway: perform few or no songs from the first 13 years of your career. New Sodmy and Lareine were, as we say in England, a load of bollocks. Perform songs from the last 7 years and I will be happy.

    19 Feb 0:44 Responder
  • LadyBloodrose

    Please join and help us promote KAMIJO in the US! This is an Official Street Team for Visual Kei Solo Artist KAMIJO run by My JHouse Rocks Promotion's LaLa Sukura as acting executive producer for Los Angeles and New York shows of KAMIJO World Tour 2015 "20th ANNIVERSARY BEST". In addition an excellent resource group for media.

    23 Ene 13:37 Responder
  • LadyBloodrose

    Finally back in the US after 6 long years! I'll go to the LA and NY concerts :)

    15 Dic 2014 Responder
  • lump_of_sugar

    LA USA 2015 !!!

    15 Dic 2014 Responder
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