I Choose Noise

Distinctive Records
Fecha de lanzamiento
3 Sep 2002
Número de temas
12 temas
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    Tema     Duración Oyentes
1 Secret Circles 1:01 27.757
2 Dogstar 7:35 18.123
3 I Choose Noise 5:31 27.034
4 Falling Down 6:49 13.596
5 Last Man Standing 8:08 25.772
6 Hooligan Spirit 4:33 20.390
7 Choke 6:20 19.999
8 Keep It in the Family 6:00 33.611
9 Until Tomorrow 6:47 14.019
10 Dream Stalker 6:28 17.123
11 Just for Today 7:44 20.725
12 Everything Is Brand New 2:55 6.149

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  • bmspessoa

    LAST MAN STANDING FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30 Sep 2011 Responder
  • AaronBrock

    Besides Dogstar, everything on this album is absolutely fantastic!

    2 Ago 2011 Responder
  • Mindcircus

    What is that meant to be on the album art?

    18 Ene 2011 Responder
  • madasanick

    Anyone else out there think that "Keep It In The Family" is an amazing track? I love the break down in the middle especially...

    19 Oct 2009 Responder
  • jaffagiraffe

    Wikipedia says it's "I Choose Noise". I'm gunning for that then.

    27 Oct 2008 Responder
  • nicklewis

    I saw these guys in concert as support for Moby about 8 years ago and they rocked

    7 Ago 2008 Responder
  • boutboulman

    I posted the change on discogs, and moderators came up with a plethora of evidence, namely video of Hybrid themselves confirming the track is I Choose Noise, and that it's a typo on all cd and vinyl artwork. Confusing I know. Discogs knows all, and they really should add to that release you pointed out k_pedersen. I guess I should edit Wikipedia!

    24 Dic 2007 Responder
  • k_pedersen

    That's odd. It does say I Chose Noise on the back of my cd. I'm not alone it seems: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?what=R&obid=772563

    25 Nov 2007 Responder
  • boutboulman

    Ok it turns out I was completely wrong. It's a typo on all the artwork. Track 3 is 'I Choose Noise', confirmed by the band themselves. Oops on my part.

    4 Nov 2007 Responder
  • boutboulman

    It's most definitely (and confusingly for everyone else) 3. I CHOSE NOISE

    2 Nov 2007 Responder
  • LeftOfLeftfield

    If I were a secret agent, this would be my soundtrack. I love it!

    16 Ago 2007 Responder
  • k_pedersen

    AND track #3 is called I choose noise with two O's.

    15 Jun 2007 Responder
  • k_pedersen

    Also, the track order is supposed to be Until Tomorrow, Dream Stalker and then Just for Today.

    15 Jun 2007 Responder
  • k_pedersen

    There are ooh-aah-ooh-uuh vocals on it which I believe Hawkshaw must have done ;) Good album btw, only slightly let down by some lame vocal work (tracks 2 and 4)

    15 Jun 2007 Responder
  • nathan323

    Ok, dont how i missed em the first time..

    21 May 2007 Responder
  • nathan323

    Why does Just For Today (on I Choose NOise) say feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw, when there are no vocals on track?

    21 May 2007 Responder
  • henryk_mueller

    Thank you last.fm for pointing me to Hybrid. This album had an instant hit into my alltime favorites. I could listen to it 24/7 ... :o)

    9 May 2007 Responder
  • danielhdr

    Great Album!

    17 Mar 2007 Responder
  • Big_Apple

    insanely good stuff! :) I go for Dogstar, Falling down, Last Man Standing and Just For Today!

    1 Mar 2007 Responder
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