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HEALTH es una banda formada en 2006 originaria de Los Angeles, California compuesta por Benjamin Jared Miller, Jake Duzsik, John Famiglietti y Jupiter Keyes, todos de diferentes ciudades como Seattle, San Diego y Los Angeles.

El nombre de la banda fue elegido después que los miembros acordaron que querian usar una palabra cotidiana. Crearon una lista de palabras a alegir siendo la única no utilizada «health».

HEALTH es considerada , pero a pesar de tener algunos elementos del género, no encajan en el sonido de las bandas actuales en la escena , debido a la mezcla de géneros como , y .

El sonido inusual de la banda puede ser parcialmente acreditado al uso de Zoothorn, que es una permutación de microfono, pedal y un sonido atonal ocasional sin estructura simetrica.

La banda describe sus letras como «confusamente a proposito para el escucha»:

«… sort of begin to bring out this more individual quality to the whole thing like, ‘These are the lyrics, and this is the guy is singing them, so I can relate to that.’ Which is really not something we want. We wanted the vocals to have an even, unaffected feel. A softness, like a Zombies melody, or even a Gregorian chant. We aren’t just interested in being a noisy screaming band.»

(«… en cierto modo comienzan a resaltar una cualidad más individual, ‘estas son las letras, y ese es el tipo cantandolas, no lo puedo relacionar.’ Lo cual no es realmente lo que queremos. Queremos que las vocales tengan un equilibrio, un sentimiento natural. Suavidad, como una melodía de Zombies o incluso un canto gregoriano. No estamos interesados solamente en ser una banda ruidosa.»)


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  • theeviltenor

    seems healthy

    ayer por la noche Responder
  • fanksy

    i think it's great but if you dislike how clean it is & need it to be "noiser" or crunchier can't you just run it through some filters?

    Ayer 10:07am Responder
  • diseased_racoon

    I gotta agree with Wonderglue on this. I think this album has a perfect mix of everything. And it's not a short album at all. It's their longest by almost 10 minutes.

    Ayer 5:21am Responder
  • Sharkblues


    Ayer 5:02pm Responder
  • Wonderglue

    The stigma of discussing music on a music site is most delightful.

    Ayer 1:15pm Responder
  • lilusia12

    holy shit y'all are so mad [2]

    31 Jul 9:49 Responder
  • Wonderglue

    *happy. We are happy.

    30 Jul 20:50 Responder
  • GraveLegato

    holy shit y'all are so mad

    30 Jul 19:25 Responder
  • roswell78

    the noise community needs to chill out

    30 Jul 17:40 Responder
  • roswell78

    the lyrics are so bleak and I keep picturing one of them dying soon but damn if i'm not dancing

    30 Jul 17:40 Responder
  • Wonderglue

    It's their longest LP, and it's by no means "short". It doesn't drag, it flows perfectly. The things you described are the high points of the album. This is exactly why it's so good. I have a hard time going back to GET COLOR after this, but not their debut. LIFE is an amazing take on alternative dance. It baffles me that you haven't mentioned COURTSHIP II if you like their older output. It's on par with their first album with emphasis on melody. The high point of the album is the production. The last two songs are the best for me, slow and icy. After USA Boys and TEARS this is the most logical progression for them to take. Easily AOTY material for me. For now at least.

    30 Jul 14:12 Responder
  • Robo-Alaska

    Death Magic is a huge disappointment, imo. Men Today is the only track I'm really into, and even that's over in 2 minutes. The most astonishing feat is how such a short album manages to drag so much with consecutive dreary low tempo numbers. Not good. LIFE and LA LOOKS are genuinely awful, Chvrches tier synth pop bullshit. I was hoping their take on pop music would be so much less pedestrian than it is.

    30 Jul 12:34 Responder
  • Yakov_Golyadkin

    Fuckin' ruined it all with pop vocals. The point of mixing nice noisy electronic sound with cheap whore vocals is beyond my understanding. [2]

    30 Jul 12:14 Responder
  • home6alien

    Fuckin' ruined it all with pop vocals. The point of mixing nice noisy electronic sound with cheap whore vocals is beyond my understanding.

    30 Jul 11:53 Responder
  • Microfoot

    I'd love to hear a remix of LA Looks w/ Grimes.

    30 Jul 9:36 Responder
  • Salyutin

    I don't mind them trying something new and moving in pop direction, but guys come on LIFE sounds like music from a coca cola commercial for a soccer worldcup game.

    30 Jul 7:33 Responder
  • patriits

    can't get enuf of dark enuf

    30 Jul 6:25 Responder
  • Dnlphnv


    29 Jul 11:22 Responder
  • roswell78

    If summers were still real, Dark Enough would consume this one

    29 Jul 5:17 Responder
  • roswell78

    DARK ENOUGH [9,000]

    29 Jul 5:12 Responder
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