• GermanMetalWiki

    4 May 2008, 9:21 de das_eisenherz

    Well, after several months of work, I am glad to reopen my website GermanMetal.com, under a new structure: a Wiki!

    Some years ago, around 2002, I opened GermanMetal.com as a resource for international Rammstein fans to broaden their horizons and discover all the other great German bands! It was actually quite successful, but built in such a way that I had to do everything, and since the project was very ambitious, it needed more time than I could give, and died slowly. I tried many times to find ways to re-make it, but to no avail.

    However, with the flexible platform a Wiki offers, I have now been able to build a structure in which other users can help and contribute building this huge project. Feel free to browse around the Wiki. It is far from very complete, but it should grow within the next months greatly, and more sections should be added to the 3 existing ones.

    If you would like to contribute, we need helpers, so feel free to consult the Help and About pages and see…