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Grant Phabao and Djouls


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Grant Phabao Grant Phabao meets the still young Pro-Zak Trax label just when their first Ep is issued, and quickly becomes the label’s sound engineer. He takes part in the recording of Aleëm, Stephane Malca and Seven Dub’s albums, before releasing, in 1998, his first single, «Tub».

The A-side, a real «Tub» indeed, will be played in all the clubs of the planet by the biggest Djs in the world. Erik Morillo even played it for more than one year at the climax of his set, looping three times in a row the famous and massive rush/break of the track! «Andub Head Yudu», the B-side, will directly place him at the Pantheon of the Masters of dub, beside Lee Perry, King Tubby and the others… Guidance, one of Chicago most illustrious record labels, will not be mistaken and immediately chooses the track to close its «Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions» compilation.

His second EP, «Cannonbutt», is released the following year. Its A-side is frighteningly effective on a dancefloor too, but it’s the B-side that especially enables him to present Henchy, one of the crazy guys with which he launches his own record label, T.I.M.E.C…

Grant Phabao shares then the production duties with Professor Oz for the Prof’s first album, «One», and does some remixes with a «110% rate of reggae in it» (2 versions of «Stupid Jack» for Kojak and «Waves & Skunk» for Professor Oz). Pro-Zak Trax’s studios in Bagnolet, near Paris, are bubbling with creative power.

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