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1 Field - 1 4:07 439
2 Surface 1:59 1.311
3 East Continnum 3:43 1.227
4 Coast 5:33 1.238
5 Distant Ear 1:33 1.237
6 Plain 3:27 1.309
7 Unechoic Room 7:58 1.008
8 Emergence 0:56 1.257
9 Corridor 8:01 1.197
10 Cylindral 2:01 1.185
11 Field 11 6:37 449
12 Decay Section 6:18 1.222

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  • raum


    23 Dic 2009 Responder
  • gangstervillain

    The first time I heard this album it really freaked me out because of its so perfect electro-ambient landscaped feel. I felt like I actually was in that post nuclear dystopian future full of ghost cities - that I walked the lands of deserts trying to find a safe place. I got so obsessed by this and had to listened to it many times a day for weeks, trying to walk this world in my mind - this world created by Fluxion. It still freakes me out at times - though at other times I use it to help me to put myself to sleep, because of its calm - but mostly I just like to enjoy letting Spaces create images in my head whilst staring into its void.

    27 Ene 2009 Responder

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