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Fatima Al Qadiri


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  • Seperat0r

    You gotta know her as a visual artist and a person before you really enjoy the music. People want a quick understanding, a drive-thru experience, but you're not gonna get that. If you're holding her to the same standard of progressiveness and technical proficiency that you're judging electronic music in general with you're not gonna know why it's interesting. If I may reach for an anaolgy; it's like Dethklok. You probably wouldn't care about Dethklok's music if you didn't watch Metalocalypse, but because there's this show, these characters, this pretense of something other than the music as a companion piece, you like to hear the music on it's own because you know where it's coming from.

    Ayer 4:12am Responder
  • John-Example

    best thing that happened to the world after potato [2]

    30 Ago 9:42 Responder
  • Orangism

    best thing that happened to the world after potato

    10 Ago 20:16 Responder
  • weichezaeune

    combining "nothing compares 2 u" with classical chinese poetry and a cheap japanese keyboard in the hands of a renowned kuwaitian visual artist - that's just great. looking for authentic arabic music you're in the wrongest of places here.

    28 Jul 10:06 Responder

    versacetoga: yeah like فاطمة القادري.

    22 Jul 14:07 Responder
  • panzerese

    Really? Because this sounds nothing like Chinese music or what I imagine Chinese music might sound like, other than the random Chinese voices and the fact that the song titles reference Chinese things. Her previous EPs didn't sound Arabic either and the new album pretty much as the exact same sound. I think people are just digging way too much into the race thing because her race, album cover, and song titles are right there in front of our faces and it's easy to pick out when it's not really the point.

    8 Jun 7:06 Responder
  • ZSRR

    "I don't get why she did a china themed album and not an arabic one." I think it's got to do with the fact that Qadiri loves working with the fake and the non-authentic, exploring and satirizing the various aspects of popular perception and globalization. Both her and ours (her being Arabic and later American and us being usually European or American) perspective on "Chinese music" is skewed and wrong, watered down and filter to just some set of vaguely oriental melodies and sounds. "Asiatisch" isn't as much a documentary of modern day music of China but rather our reflection, a Western mind's attempt to imagine what Chinese music can be, gathered from usual tropes and stereotypes. Dan Barrow expands on these points nicely in his The Wire review of "Asiatisch":

    30 May 23:25 Responder
  • Far-men

    Shanzhai is beautiful, but boring((...

    21 May 20:29 Responder
  • sr_Andy

    Dragon Tattoo nice

    18 May 16:43 Responder
  • ChelseaSmile95

    fairly disappointed with asiatisch [2] Like I don't hear any progress since her EPs.

    11 May 10:11 Responder
  • affasf

    I don't get why she did a china themed album and not an arabic one.

    8 May 17:55 Responder
  • noense


    8 May 12:16 Responder
  • Mindcircus

    Really like the album, even though it sounds like it could have been made in a short space of time.

    6 May 23:19 Responder


    6 May 10:44 Responder
  • chewtoy

    Wudang is a good track but the rest of the album is too much noodling with various synth sounds. She ought to focus more on creating good music and less on the "ironic" "identity" "hipsterisms".

    3 May 19:45 Responder
  • ZSRR

    versacetoga, what's wrong with her real name?

    1 May 11:46 Responder
  • RussellChap

    Shanzhai (for Shanzhai Biennial) feat. Helen Feng is weird cos I can't decide if it's inspired or utter shite, which in itself is kind of a recommendation, it's definitely a brave opening track to the album. Oh one more thing I don't like that steel drum percussion anymore, leave it out

    24 Abr 22:45 Responder
  • versacetoga

    shud rly consider usin a stage name

    16 Abr 15:48 Responder
  • sunnydaysforme

    i liked it a first, then found it repetitive, and now i love it. its a grower

    7 Abr 16:54 Responder

    find most of asiatisch kind of kitschy. like she added the new palette on top of her old one. but there's no significance to it for a lot of songs. some good ones though, should've been an EP

    5 Abr 13:31 Responder
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