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Epica es un grupo Holandés de
La vocalista principal es Simone Simons con un registro de mezzo-soprano y cuenta con la voz gutural y/o rasgada del lider de la banda, Mark Jansen quien también está a cargo de una de las guitarras.

La banda fue fundada en el 2002 por el ex-integrante de After Forever, Mark Jansen. En un principio, Epica se conocía bajo el nombre de Sahara Dust teniendo como vocalista a la noruega Helena Michaelsen, ex Trail of Tears. En octubre del mismo año el grupo pasó a llamarse Epica teniendo como vocalista a la mezzo-soprano actual, Simone Simons, en ese tiempo pareja de Mark.

Epica ha lanzado cinco álbumes. El primero llamado «The Phantom Agony» que fue grabado en el 2003, «Consign To Oblivion» y «The Score» que fueron grabados en el 2005. En el 2007 fue lanzado «The Divine Conspiracy» y en el año 2009 lanzaron su última producción: «Design Your Universe».

En el año 2006, Jeroen Simons, baterista, deja el grupo. Durante el año 2007 Ariën Van Weesenbeek -ex God Dethroned- se une Epica, aportando mucha mas agresividad y rapidez a la batería.

El 16 de Diciembre del 2008 Ad Sluijter, primera guitarra del grupo, también deja la banda por motivos personales. Sin embargo, no pasó mucho tiempo para que encontraran nuevo guitarrista, en Enero del año 2009 Isaac Delahaye - también ex God Dethroned- se une a la banda, dándole un sonido mucho mas agresivo y potente al grupo.

El 8 de mayo de 2009 sale a la venta su segundo álbum en vivo, The Classical Conspiracy, grabado con la orquesta y coro nacional holandes. El repertorio está compuesto por temas tanto clasicos nacionales e internacionales como repertorio de la banda.


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  • brockscence

    New picture

    Hace 6 horas Responder
  • Guuy

    The Essence of Silence ♥

    Hace 10 horas Responder
  • Oscar_Morten

    and... Unchain Utopia Official Video?

    Ayer 5:58am Responder
  • rustandsoul

    That energy... Oh pleaseee..

    21 Jul 2:43 Responder
  • Archanoth

    Oh yeah, Opeth's new direction for the last couple of albums has been 70's style prog rock and whatnot. A lot of purist/nostalgic Opeth fans hate it. Sort of like Tarja/power metal Nightwish vs Anette/orchestral Nightwish.

    20 Jul 12:36 Responder
  • nDroae

    Yeah... but I never know whether the problem is I'm just really bad at appreciating prog (which I am) :< I was hoping for something like hit pop song Porcelain Heart with orchestra but I guess they don't do that any more ;(

    20 Jul 11:14 Responder
  • shodan21

    vv that was quick, but i guess i shouldnt be surprised. and yeah, i didnt really care for that album either. sounded kinda like shadow gallery (with ayreon keyboards in the first couple songs) and it just did not work. it doesnt seem bad, its just kinda... boring. the kind of stuff you listen to and after you play the full album you barely remember anything from it because its totally forgettable.

    20 Jul 2:11 Responder
  • Archanoth

    Dat subtle Elder Scrolls reference. The "symphonic-ish" songs in question were the last 2 ones, Voice of Treason and Faith in Others. I'm in love with Moon Above, Sun Below. From the moment I knew it was 11 minutes long I had a feeling it'd end up being my favorite. Happens all the time (The Poet and the Pendulum, Kingdom of Heaven, Light of Day/Day of Darkness, Serenade of Self-Destruction, Stille Kom Døden, the list goes on).

    19 Jul 22:34 Responder
  • nDroae

    "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group." Well I already listened to it elsweyr and was not entertained ;(

    19 Jul 20:53 Responder
  • shodan21

    v here you go. vv and as nDroae said, destiny potato is wonderful. i also highly recommend david maxim micic's Bilo 3.0.

    18 Jul 23:55 Responder
  • nDroae

    destiny potato is wonderful =3= omg symphonic opeth *goes to find*

    18 Jul 13:25 Responder
  • Archanoth

    vv Yeah, it is. But I kinda feel like it's more intense/genuine this time, partly because the album was written while Mikael was dealing with depression. Also, they're using strings on this album, for the first time in an Opeth album, which makes it even more awesome and spine-chilling. It's the closest Opeth have ever gotten to symphonic metal, come to think of it. Heh, I always though Destiny Potato was kind of a joke band, probably because of that hilarious and ridiculous name, but I started listening to that, and it's pretty nice. I'll likely listen to the full thing.

    18 Jul 11:02 Responder
  • nDroae

    ACCESS IS NOW DENIED WE'RE PANIC STRICKEN WEALTH OUT OF SIGHT v Not you, you're a Progressive Metal Master Elrond.

    18 Jul 4:56 Responder
  • shodan21

    v isnt that typical of opeth albums? also, to be #2 it has to top Lun - tough competition. and if anyone is going to make that duet happen, itll probably be arjen lucassen =P vv im cool with the idea, i just think the execution is bad. /shrug.

    17 Jul 23:27 Responder
  • Archanoth

    Also the new Opeth album leaked and it's amazing and beautifully depressing. Not as good as TQE, IMO, but it's definitely my 2nd favorite album of the year. I'm still hoping we get a Simone/Mikael Akerfeldt duet someday or something like that. Epica's already got some Opeth influence, mostly in their more progressive songs and acoustic guitar sections.

    17 Jul 18:29 Responder
  • nDroae

    v This. And I get sadistic pleasure out of the pain it's caused to Gothic Metal Master Race folks >D

    17 Jul 15:06 Responder
  • Archanoth

    I actually find that part awesome and pretty funny. Then again I'm not the biggest fan of TPA since it tends to bore me a bit like halfway through.

    17 Jul 0:18 Responder
  • stavros_epica

    I totally agree about TPA's live version. They ruined an otherwise great song... WTF were they thinking?

    16 Jul 23:42 Responder
  • shodan21

    v no, because i reviewed that already, so his review would be wrong =D

    16 Jul 10:22 Responder
  • nDroae

    Will you stick with that standard when he finally gets back from Africa and posts his scathing negative review of TQE? ;P

    16 Jul 4:38 Responder
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