The Best of Elmo

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1 Sesame Street Theme 2:05 1.886
2 Elmo's Song 2:30 593
3 Happy Tappin' With Elmo 1:30 2.002
4 One Fine Face 2:09 175
5 Off to School 1:47 1.029
6 Elmo Wrote His Name 1:55 60
7 Splish Splash 2:02 225
8 Imagination 1:42 785
9 Drive My Car 2:40 980
10 Be Doodle Dee Dum 1:56 26
11 Elmo's Rap Alphabet (Elmo Sings Rap Alphabet) 1:30 1.076
12 In Your Imagination 2:03 142
13 Take a Breath 1:14 709
14 Just One Person 2:28 628
15 Sing 2:47 56

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  • ulinvodnaar

    Does anyone have a copy of this they'd be willing to share? Dunno, why but I want this bad! :)

    31 Ene 2009 Responder
  • Flameon_

    Tró satanic black metal

    30 Nov 2007 Responder
  • Sylphs

    A B C D Emo! F G... ok start over. A B C D Emo! This song lyric brought to you by the number 10^100, the letter 2, and Viewers like You! (i myself never donated but... A B C U L8R!)

    28 May 2006 Responder
  • Jazz13

    I like that one part in Elmo Wrote His Name where Elmo sprays his tag all over Bert's car and Bert comes out and he's all like What the fuck nugga? I told you not to mess wit my shit!! and Elmo pops a cap in his ass, rolls a blunt and seals it in Bert's blood, sparks that blizzle and rides away on his Harley. Gangster shit.

    28 May 2006 Responder