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Dream Theater


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Todo comenzó en Septiembre de 1986, cuando John Petrucci, entonces un joven guitarrista, y su amigo John Myung, que tocaba el bajo, asistían al Berklee School Of Music en Boston, y estaban buscando crear un grupo en su tiempo de ocio. Se dirigieron hacia Mike Portnoy, quien tocaba la batería en una de las salas de ensayo de Berklee, y después de unos cuantos días intercambiando opiniones decidieron darle una oportunidad.

Entonces, contactaron con su amigo de instituto, Kevin Moore, para así tener a alguien al teclado, y, poco después, con el vocalista Chris Collins completaron el grupo, que llevaría el nombre de Majesty.

Una vez completada la alineación, empezaron improvisando en su tiempo libre, y grabaron una demo de corta longitud que consistía en ocho canciones para así poderlas distribuir por la zona. Aquella demo fue llamada «Majesty Demos», y fueron vendidas mil copias a los seis meses de haberse puesto a la venta. Además, bajo la sorpresa del grupo, las demos continuaron siendo copiadas y distribuidas por los fans. De hecho, siguen siendo disponibles hoy en día.

En aquél mes de Noviembre, el grupo comenzó a sufrir cambios en su alineación con la marcha de Chris Collins, por lo que necesitaban un nuevo vocalista. De todas formas, siguieron grabando y escribiendo demos durante más o menos un año, entre las que se encontraban versiones instrumentales de lo que serían clásicos de Dream Theater.

Por fin, en Noviembre de 1987, el grupo reclutó al que sería el nuevo cantante, Charlie Dominici.


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  • dark_wisdom

    All I know is DT without Portnoy is even shittier than with him.

    25 Ago 16:17 Responder
  • mothertruker

    This was funny:

    23 Ago 20:38 Responder
  • mothertruker

    Take The Time and Metropolis, this is why I challenged myself to hear DT.

    23 Ago 20:13 Responder
  • mothertruker

    tks for the insight @nicolasbj. Good to know that "A Fortune in Lies is a classic", I noticed that probably most of DT fans concider IaW the fisrt algum and completly overlook the actual debut. The album (and that gay-ish cover) needs moar love.

    22 Ago 21:08 Responder
  • mothertruker

    DT JOURNAL (lets say)#5 || wow, I wasn't expecting all THIS from Images And Words. On a first listen Pull Me Under is probably the least intresting track along with Wait For Sleep.

    22 Ago 21:02 Responder
  • dark_wisdom

    I think my life expectations dropped dramatically the day I started listening to this band.

    22 Ago 5:33 Responder
  • nicolasbj

    In my opinion, his voice was never the same after that 1994 incident.

    21 Ago 19:39 Responder
  • nicolasbj

    v On December 29, 1994, while vacationing in Cuba, LaBrie was stricken with a severe case of food poisoning from contaminated pork and while vomiting, he ruptured his vocal cords. He saw three throat specialists who all said there was nothing they could do except have him rest his voice as much as possible. However, on January 12, 1995, and against doctor's orders, he was on the Awake tour in Japan with his voice far from normal. LaBrie has said he did not feel vocally "normal" until at least 2002. LaBrie has said that this was a very hard time for him as a singer, and depression as a result caused him to consider departing from the band, although his bandmates supported him and told him to stay. After the Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence tour he discovered that his voice had fully returned. He has said that his voice was fully healed by time and training. (quote from Wikipedia).

    21 Ago 19:35 Responder
  • mothertruker

    When did he lose he's voice's range? Is that why he nowadays always does the same high pitch?

    21 Ago 18:44 Responder
  • nicolasbj

    "A Fortune in Lies" is a classic, just remenber that epic live version with Labrie ("Live At The Marquee" album), when he still could sing at his 100%.

    21 Ago 18:04 Responder
  • Darkes7

    I actually think it's mainly the production that makes it sound older. And together with The Ytse Jam, I've always found A Fortune in Lies to be an amazing straightforward track, and the way they played it on the previous tour (and Live at Luna Park) is more than enough proof imo.

    21 Ago 13:49 Responder
  • mothertruker

    For those who are overlooking When Dream And Day Unite do it no more. There are some nice moments on Light Fuse And Get Away, Afterlife and The Ones Who Help To Set The Sun. The Ytse Jam probably is a fairly wellknown track so I nothing new there.

    21 Ago 11:03 Responder
  • nicolasbj

    "You will eventually end up growing tired of this band anyway. Everybody does." That generally applies to the bands that one listened a lot as a teenager. i.e. Metallica.

    20 Ago 18:50 Responder
  • muerto14

    Amazing Band

    20 Ago 15:52 Responder
  • Darkes7

    every pretentious hipster trying to look sophisticated*

    20 Ago 12:36 Responder
  • PetitSagittaire

    You will eventually end up growing tired of this band anyway. Everybody does. [2]

    20 Ago 6:38 Responder
  • mothertruker

    I'm loving all this feedback and although you're problably right, I'll still go chronacly, i'm still on When Dream And Day Unite so what do you guys think about their debut? Any hidden gems and weird storys? NOTE: As self-centered as my "takeover" of this shoutbox may seem, that's not the case, I just want to imerse myself in this. if I have to hear LaBries earstabs (joke), it should be worth something.

    20 Ago 0:29 Responder
  • spiderferi

    Train Of Thought And Images And Worlds are fucking great. they made some good music for sometime and then went to become full "hah i know you will jerk off while i rape my instrument" guys.

    19 Ago 13:47 Responder
  • Darkes7

    Well, the conceptual bits are indeed different, but in terms of the sound of the actual songs, I think it's really right in the middle of everything they've done to date, besides maybe the heaviest 7-string stuff. On the other hand, I&W is more prog-rock oriented, while Awake is definitely one of their darkest albums so far.

    19 Ago 13:05 Responder
  • nicolasbj

    SFAM is very different from the rest of the DT albums (has a lot of leitmotivs, totally conceptual, narrative parts, a few guest artists, etc.), IMO it´s not representative and not a good start to know the band. If it is good or bad, yeah, that is definitely subjective.

    19 Ago 4:52 Responder
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