• newdeathwarrant

    much less 80s than the orig

    Septiembre 2008
  • clover1106

    i like this band, disturbe my sens

    Septiembre 2008
  • leathel

    diğer şarkıları daha iiii

    Septiembre 2008
  • killhannahowns

    I'm very impressed with this song.

    Agosto 2008
  • MissPlacedSinz

    Disturbed fits me so well, what fun.

    Agosto 2008
  • lovecat86

    Anyone know if the "Just don't know" is a reference. Obviously the jump jump bit is House of Pain, and then there's the Ice Ice Baby, and then the break break break which sounds like Linkin Park.

    Agosto 2008
  • reklez

    Fantastic cover, brilliant band.

    Agosto 2008
  • specialsoldier

    this is an amazing cover to an already amazing song!?!

    Agosto 2008
  • mushroomhead90

    i love this album

    Julio 2008
  • Mauser98k

    amazing cover, but then again, would you expect any less from Disturbed? ;)

    Julio 2008
  • leofiregod

    a great cover.

    Julio 2008
  • Extreme187

    A Much Better version than Tears for Fears Disturbed kicks azz

    Junio 2008
  • silent_smoke

    One of my faves!

    Abril 2008
  • peanutbutter420

    Great cover,Haterz.ten thousand fists in your face!!!!!!!

    Abril 2008
  • Amster123

    One of the best covers out there. They made the song their own.

    Marzo 2008
  • Madness-Wind

    Cool thing

    Marzo 2008
  • Resalia

    I'm a lover of covers. I really like this and the original.

    Marzo 2008
  • null7elf

    sad cover

    Marzo 2008
  • LeLe5293

    tears from fears ones is good too but i like this one just more^^

    Febrero 2008
  • CGFH


    Febrero 2008
  • Sistfm

    I agree whith Martapz. Certinly it is!

    Febrero 2008
  • Martapz

    a great cover!

    Enero 2008
  • AyeJayeinthe802

    plz kill this song

    Enero 2008
  • xman66

    good one ;)

    Enero 2008
  • IIcuxe9I

    the original is much better +1

    Enero 2008
  • cagacazzo

    the original is much better

    Diciembre 2007
  • Azotek

    prefer the orginal version.

    Diciembre 2007
  • mortal_belleza

    Excellent cover.

    Noviembre 2007
  • billytsik

    V GOOD !!!

    Octubre 2007
  • maplejet

    Does the original justice. Very good cover

    Septiembre 2007
  • xFancyGirlx

    kocham shout ^^

    Agosto 2007
  • H3LLB0Y

    Shout, shout! ;)

    Junio 2007
  • paynexkiller

    It's a great cover of a Tears for Fears song.

    Mayo 2007
  • xtimetowastexx

    awesome cover

    Abril 2007
  • centurion-

    oh btw, best cover ever! Just heard the original on the radio :D

    Febrero 2007
  • centurion-


    Febrero 2007
  • LeadersCome

    one of the best covers I've heard.

    Enero 2007
  • mudfish

    I've also heard one version by atrocity (theatre of tragedy singer liv kristines husbands band). :)

    Diciembre 2006
  • Inigovine

    It's a great cover of a Tears for Fears song.

    Mayo 2006
  • Zmilky

    Wow, I love tagging, they tell so much.. I had no idea this was a cover :D Anyone know the original song?

    Febrero 2006