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Disarmonia Mundi


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Disarmonia Mundi es una banda italiana de melodic death metal proveniente de Turín, iniciaron su carrera como una banda de death metal progresivo. Después de que Benny Bianco Chinto abandonara la banda, se integro el vocalista de Soilwork, Björn «Speed» Strid con quien han grabado 3 álbumes. Mantienen un contrato con la disquera italiana Scarlet Records y recientemente con Coroner Records, propiedad del instrumentalista de la banda, Ettore Rigotti.

Disarmonia Mundi fue fundada por Ettore Rigotti en el año 2000. La banda inicialmente tuvo severos cambios en sus integrantes pero en poco tiempo después cuando tuvieron a sus integrantes definitivos grabaron su primer álbum, Nebularium. El álbum fue producido en su totalidad por Ettore y grabado en un estudio en su casa. La respuesta del álbum permitió que distribuyeran por su cuenta el material por Italia y firmaron con Cd-Maximum para su distribución por Rusia. Desafortunadamente por problemas con sus integrantes no podían hacer presentaciones en vivo y por lo consecuente perdieron algo de audiencia, pero eso no los detuvo y más adelante comenzaron a trabajar en su segundo álbum.

Nuevos miembros, nueva discográfica y Fragments of D-GenerationLos únicos miembros fundadores y estables en la banda, Ettore Rigotti y Mirco Andreis, decidieron integrar a la banda a Claudio Ravinale. Los tres comenzaron a trabajar en su nuevo material junto al ex vocalista, Benny Bianco Chinto.


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  • dAziks

    The Isolation Game is probably one of the best melodic death metal albums that were released in the "modern metal" era. Original/classic mdm band latest releases can't even compare to this. Indeed a genres masterpiece.

    9 Oct 13:48 Responder
  • bonjovyborges

    lancem logo algo porra

    19 Ago 0:25 Responder
  • Jastroke

    Simply the Greatest band EVER !!!

    17 Jul 5:42 Responder
  • Kaiser_19

    The Isolation Game is a masterpiece of Modern Melodic Death Metal

    15 Jul 20:31 Responder
  • hauntedflames

    I see people speaking about In Flames. WOW HOPPA! LOLA!

    22 Jun 19:13 Responder
  • OG-Gurda

    итальяшки вообще по природе своей мелодичны, так и тут не промах - прекрасные мелодисты, что достаточно редко для метала

    20 Jun 15:45 Responder
  • Demon-PRO


    24 May 8:45 Responder
  • spineshank155

    I think Scar Symmetry is done recording, not sure if it's being mastered or it's just awaiting a release date, so excited to hear that and Unmoored, hope the production is as good as their previous album. In Flames have their record finished, but took several months just to give a release date in late summer/early fall. I think it depends on the label.

    19 May 1:50 Responder
  • Syndicaidramon

    Also, dEMOTIONAL has a new single out. Give it a listen. It's awesome! <3

    12 May 0:14 Responder
  • Syndicaidramon

    But you don't really NEED a label anymore, though... In fact, often times, you're better off if you can manage without a label. Of course, some bands may take longer to produce new material without a label, but I'd say it's still a good thing overall.

    12 May 0:14 Responder
  • julp

    Yes, but finding a label is much worse compared to ,,fromer times" since the whole market is overthrown with new bands. You can see it with this whole ,,djent" genre, everyone trying to optimize these bedroom productions (which aren't bad at all), but only a few being able get a contract. Now for bands like skyfire being used to distribute by label, clearly taking longer without one to produce new material.

    11 May 10:21 Responder
  • Syndicaidramon

    V Not really. Distributing one's music has never been easier than it is today, what with sites like Bandcamp and such...

    4 May 12:22 Responder
  • julp

    It's good to know that other bands like DM, e.g. like SCAR SYMMETRY, SKYFIRE or UNMOORED are on their way to record new albums. I Almost miss these times when you could regularly get new material from them, especially those lengthy discussions on last fm on their music. Well it seems times are getting harder for them to distribute their music.

    2 May 20:05 Responder
  • Zach216

    I don't think the riffing on "Mind Tricks" is boring AT ALL... but yeah on that album I guess you could say the riffs became a little less complicated (some of them) often just pounding you with big chugging grooves & crazy loops going on underneath/over-the-top of them which I thought it was amazing on Mind Tricks. The Isolation Game to me was well... redundant many times. More of those tracks blend together to me on that album (yes in part due to some of the same riff-patterns; like compare "The Isolation Game" to the bonus track "The Shape of Things to Come", extremely similar riffs. Also they were often using a lot of the same super fast tempos and beats, which they've been doing for a long time. I love the song "A Taste of Collapse" because by DM-standards, it's slow/like a ballad lol) there's a few awesome tracks on "The Isolation Game", I'll say...but not having Bjorn on the entire album also I think equals a really significant loss in vocal-quality, no matter how you slice it.

    18 Abr 13:45 Responder
  • FalkTheNorseman

    Hopefully with some more interesting riffing, though. The riffs on the last two albums have generally been rather boring.

    24 Mar 7:56 Responder
  • Entripy777

    Metalcore from Australia:

    18 Mar 3:40 Responder
  • Infinite_Impact

    These news comfort me very much. Can't wait to hear their voices in the explosive soundscapes Ettore will write again, hopefully again some multilayering like on Mind Tricks.

    10 Mar 22:56 Responder
  • michciu4

    New album at the end of the year! With Bjorn Strid again! Now that's some really good news

    10 Mar 21:16 Responder
  • FalkTheNorseman

    I want to like this band again, but Ettore seriously needs to start writing some interesting riffs soon...

    22 Feb 16:10 Responder
  • michciu4

    I remember playing Unreal Tournament 3 and listening a lot of DM, amazing memories ;D looking forward to new album

    22 Ene 12:34 Responder
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