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Demilich fue una banda de Technical Death Metal, de Finlandia, la cual se formó en los primeros años de los 90’s. Consistió del vocalista/guitarrista Antti Boman, guitarrista Aki Hytönen, bajista Ville Koistinen y el baterista Mikko Virnes.

Su album debut, Nespithe (1993), introdujo intrincados riffs de death metal, con growls extremadamente bajos y voces guturales. El album contiene, largos y complicados titulos de canciones y liricas poco convencionales, las cuales fueron escritas en codigo, el cual se puede apreciar en el panfleto del disco

Demilich tocó su ultimo concierto el 22 de Julio, 2006. Se anuncio que abrá otro album compilatorio para el 2008 o 2009.


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  • Covenantt

    The riffs are indeed the thing that make Demilich so unique and great, together with the way every riff just fuses to the next one... hard to explain but simply this album has incredibly good song-writing. The vocals are the thing that will catch your attention first but the more you listen, the more other things here will sound better.

    9 Jul 19:21 Responder
  • Simeras

    Yes, the vocals... But what about those absurd riffs? Everything about this album feels just right, including bass and drumming. Mixed perfectly into one of a kind, unique, otherworldly goodness. Never gets old, only better.

    6 Jul 19:35 Responder

    One of the best death metal bands out there.

    27 Jun 2:15 Responder
  • Venusfly91

    The vocals really give this album a unique weird feeling actually.

    24 Jun 21:26 Responder
  • bvnches

    The vocals are awesome. I'd rather listen to a guy who sounds like this than the dude from Atheist all day of the week.

    8 Jun 3:19 Responder
  • Mr_Allergic

    Really cool technical death metal. The vocals are suiting, and reminds me of the vocal styles of great bands such as Dying Fetus and Torsofuck. Also, they deserve credit for putting such a great piece for free on their site.

    6 Jun 23:32 Responder
  • Kirowatt

    it takes some dedicated listening but you get used to the vocals eventually

    1 Jun 0:35 Responder
  • Romulus666

    Not sure if vocals are awesome or awful

    29 Mar 19:08 Responder
  • versionfiv

    dynamic and louder ? thats pretty contradicting

    7 Mar 22:46 Responder
  • GoatUser

    Remaster is great, everything sounds more dynamic and louder which is what I like to hear in aggressive music. Generally I'd appreciate it more if I didn't have shit headphones, but yeah.

    1 Mar 8:28 Responder
  • Covenantt

    The re-master sounded really good, the vocals sounded a bit worse than on the original release though.

    26 Feb 20:02 Responder
  • AlienEuphoria

    New remaster = tits. Vanishing Session = tits fucking tits. Remastered demo tracks = you can kinda hear shit you don't hear in Nespithe

    22 Feb 4:05 Responder
  • MichaelSnoxall

    The remaster of Nespithe sounds terrific. Still haven't jammed the demo/new songs on wax yet, but I will later today.

    21 Feb 2:06 Responder
  • DonCappuccino

    20th Adversary of Emptiness is amazing, I bought it yesterday. So happy that I can call my myself an owner of a physical copy of Nespithe. The remaster is fantastic and really an improvement. Everything sounds a lot clearer but it still has that grimy sound.

    20 Feb 22:35 Responder
  • Cassandra-Leo

    wrong and wrong. the new album is one of the rare modern death metal releases that isn't utterly ruined with dynamic range compression. you can actually hear the drums without any clipping

    20 Feb 17:06 Responder
  • ivan_steamblock

    The new songs are distinctly average and the mixing is terrible.

    12 Feb 8:29 Responder
  • Cassandra-Leo

    Those new songs are as good as the old ones. [2] Sounds like they never broke up in the first place. Wish they had recorded more new material, but I guess the fact that we're getting new songs at all is a fact to be thankful for.

    10 Feb 5:28 Responder
  • ReMetallized

    so good

    4 Feb 3:37 Responder
  • TheSuiciderr

    Those new songs are as good as the old ones.

    2 Feb 20:47 Responder
  • asgard_aesir

    The Faces Right Below the Earth - Even this one track is totally worth the 16 euros.

    30 Ene 0:20 Responder
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