David Amo and Julio Navas are one of the best-known teams of DJ’s/Producers in the musical scene, and their direct contact with one of the most avant-garde cities (Barcelona) where they were born and where they embarked on their musical journey at the young age of 16 has turned them into highly respected, solid professionals.

As of the outset they have always worked in their own studio, «El laboratorio de sensaciones» (The Sensations Lab) , which has provided them a string of hits. They are now the owners and directors of Fresco Records , which according to the critics is ‘the most innovative electronic house label».

Their long experience with the turntables is supported by their well-known residences in Barcelona’s most prestigious clubs and by their countless sets as guest artists in major events as Creamfields, Sunrise Festival or Kaballah also for important trademarks as Burn, Technics or Peugeot and clubs all over the world. David and Julio are regular DJ…s of the Ibiza nights, where they have gone past the most important clubs in the white island : Amnesia Ibiza, Space Ibiza and Privilege, always showing the good job they make in front of the most demanding audience.

Amo + Navas are nowadays sponsored by Ecler Dj Division becoming part of the Pro Team (an international crew of professional DJs) and resident DJ…s at Kaballah Festivals plus Special resident DJ…s at Privilege Group Brazil (privilegenet.com.br).

Their productions are constantly licensed and included in the compilations of prestigious DJ’s, and their tracks have been remixed by figures as important as Steve Angello & Sebastián Ingrosso (IN-N-OUT «EQ-Lizer»), jackit sounds UK, Wally López, Taito tikaro or Andrea Bertolini to name a few.

Also important projects with people such as John Acquaviva and D-Nox & Beckers and remixes for David Guetta …Love is gone… DJ Tocadisco’s …Better Begin… Adam K …you…re not alone… D-Formation & Prompt …Inbound… Rinocerose …Get Ready Now… Trentemoller …Rykketid… Wally López …Shake It Like… Ralphi Rosario …Brinca… Nick & Danny Chatelain …Morocco’s Festival…, emphasize they career in addition to all the Fresco Records production.

For all videogames addicts there…s a Fresco remix (Amo + Navas) of the track John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto …Sofa King…included in the incredible cars game Midnight Club Los Angeles from Rockstar.

There can be no doubt that these well-known artists are on a roll, since they are much in demand in cities all over the globe, to which they travel loaded with the best music around to make their magic.
Their energetic sets , full of life and a sensual electronic house sound, make David Amo & Julio Navas a sure bet at any dance club.

More info: http://www.myspace.com/amonavas

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