• Record shopping

    10 Dic 2006, 7:55 de barewires

    I took a nice trip to the record store today. You are missing out if you've never taken a trip to a record store around Christmas time. People unload records and CDs that happen to be gathering dust for holiday money.

    I've been trying to find a copy of Conference of the Birds. I was not able to track that down, but I did find a number of goodies:

    Safe as Milk
    Too Much Sugar for a Dime

    Threadgill's Too Much Sugar For a Dime is a real gem. A former roommate used to own it and I listened to it pretty regularly and I'd been looking for a copy for a long time. It's too composed and disciplined to be free jazz. It might be called avant garde except the squonking looks back to the dixieland era. It's out of print and I thought I pulled the jedi mind trick to get this for $8, which turns out to be half true. I checked Amazon when I got home, and one merchant is selling used copies for $60. But there's also Hastings which claims to have copies for $2.99. I suggest that jazz fans ought to pick themselves up a copy. …