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5 Nov 2011 | de

Re-activated power metal band PIROSAINT has released an instrumental track called "The Debt That All Man Pay". This track is meant to be a demo for vocalists on the NY area that may be interested to DOWNLOAD this track and put their own style onto it.

The instrumental track "The debt that all man pay" can be found below:

The Debt - (instrumental) by Pirosaint

You can find more details at

PIROSAINT is originally from Santiago, Chile, the band was formed in the late 1988, joining a small but powerful and enthusiastic local heavy metal scene. After releasing two demos in 1992 "Atrocity Not Condign" and 1994 "Infected Dreams" both recorded by Jose Luis Corral at Studios REC in Santiago-Chile. The band issued an EP called "New God" recorded by Mariano Pavez at Studios HYT in 1997.

To celebrate PiROSAINT's first active decade, the group released a compilation called '' Ten Years From the Emptiness" in the year 2001 and re-issued in 2004.

The tracklist of Ten Years from The Emptiness reads as follows:

1. Change & out
2. New God
3. With the future doubtful
4. Persecution
5. Get Up!
6. Beyond
7. Real Psychology
8. Sent from the emptiness
9. Noise in my conscience
10. Agonyc Introspection
11. Brutality not condign
12. Killed your blood
13. Zombiefication
14. Agonyc Introspection (Bonus)

Lee el artículo completo en:


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