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  • SmilinSkullRing

    He played a great opening set for Against Me! and Gaslight Anthem.

    Octubre 2014
  • ThinkingGrenade

    Best new discovery of mine in a long time! So good live! Such anger and passion I loved it!

    Noviembre 2012
  • lastfmadorland

    prefer the acoustic versions of Mutt, but Cory Branan is still the best song writer I've heard. So much wit packed into each verse.

    Agosto 2012
  • mrrettig78

    Haven't heard all of MUTT yet, just listening to the first track and it sounds pretty good. All These Little Cowboys from 12 Songs is my favorite from the other albums and I can't believe it's not even in the top 15 at Amazon--something's gotta be wrong with that...

    Junio 2012
  • TheGreemSim

    Review of Mutt

    Mayo 2012
  • elho

    new album is awesome

    Mayo 2012
  • ACA1985

    Live review including setlists and photos of Dashboard Confessional's The Swiss Army Romance anniversary tour with support from River City Extension, Cory Branan, and John Lefler at Webster Hall in New York City on December 7, 2010.

    Marzo 2011
  • saltwatersam

    Outstanding gig in Bristol last night, nice to see Cory finally in the U.K! Songs off the new album are sounding great.

    Octubre 2010
  • andyvglnt

    This ( is happening in Leicester tomorrow (Thursday) night.

    Octubre 2010
  • Motorhead_Chick

    Your Portland shows at White Eagle with Truckstop Darlin' and Austin Lucas last week were amazing. It was such an honor to meet you, hear you live and especially since it was for two nights!! <3 You've stolen my heart. Please come back to PDX Soon!!

    Julio 2010
  • kim_nokiamusic

    Seriously now, we've talked about this before but come on you need to come to the UK.

    Abril 2010
  • tweedyfarrar

    and its AWESOME

    Marzo 2010
  • girlnamedgo

    i absolutely adore your music.

    Enero 2010
  • bassofdoom

    Rachel Maddow listens to him.... aw :)

    Octubre 2009
  • fueledbynofx

    I sat right by him on saturday and didn't even notice. Silly me.

    Septiembre 2009
  • awholelottabang

    Tall Green Grass <3

    Septiembre 2009
  • ginny55

    He is quite funny.

    Septiembre 2009
  • jackdavies92

    I actually found Cory through the Lucero song.

    Agosto 2009
  • IwasinGI

    Tall Green Grass is amazing, did the album come out on LP?

    Mayo 2009
  • keylimepie9

    Who the heck does the labeling at iTunes? They've determined that Corey falls into the "Easy Listening" category. This isn't freakin' Perry Como!

    Marzo 2009
  • NoneMoreCorey

    hahaha lucero and cory are amazing

    Agosto 2008
  • forgesomefuture

    man's got an evil streak, and a way with words that'll bring you to your knees...

    Agosto 2008
  • arkansasflowers


    Mayo 2007
  • illumine

    represent southaven.

    Diciembre 2006
  • sheepmonkey


    Diciembre 2006