• Coheed and Cambria @ Roseland Theater

    20 May 2008, 16:08 de Machine6619

    Mon 19 May – Coheed and Cambria, Baroness

    Papiercalque and I rode our bikes to the show and arrived right as Baroness started to play. They played an amazing show and you could tell everyone was into it even though they'd never heard them before. A minor complaint I have is the strobe lights that were flashing on the crowd during the entire show, it was blinding! Oh and another minor complaint was the people in the balcony were spilling something onto the people below them: beer, sweat, spit, who the fuck knows.. Anyways. Coheed and Cambria of course played an awesome show and Claudio's hair is more epic than ever. This was my first time seeing them live since I started listening to them about 5 years ago, so this was way overdue. I was expecting them to only play new songs, but they played a really diverse set. The encore, the jam sesh, Chris Pennie's ten minute drum solo, and Claudio playing the theremin
    with his hair were the best parts of the set in my opinion! Again, I have the setlist thanks to my friend Kelsey!