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City Sleeps


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  • ThisIsJord

    I'm super curious to see what happened to Ely, this new album and his vocals are amazing!

    24 May 23:50 Responder
  • Hauntel

    The new album is not awesome at all... It's not even close to the old one

    19 Abr 8:04 Responder
  • st-88

    Damn the new album is awesome. I wish they would continue making music.

    25 Ene 21:58 Responder
  • KamuKamui

    i iwsh it's true but sry but they are not really back ... it's a Album with old demos remastered/re-recorded by Adriel Garcia.

    11 Ene 15:13 Responder
  • Gery88

    They are BACK baby !!!

    11 Ene 14:04 Responder
  • LamersteinOfLuv

    I just wanted to say, I've met Elliott, back in 2011. While yes, he was doing drug, the way he acted was no different than someone heavily addicted. BUT he knew he had nothing to gain from me and still treated me like a human and friend. He'd never do drugs in front of me, because he knew my dad was also an addict and that I hated being around that. I wouldn't give him rides and I would sometimes be a bitch, and he still kept me around and wouldn't bug me for anything. Just like any human would, you show them that they can use you and they'd use you. He's a good guy, I just guess you have to know how to handle a drug addict in order to see that. I hope he gets better, because his voice was heavenly.

    11 Feb 2013 Responder
  • KamuKamui

    I Can't Make You Love Me <3

    3 Oct 2012 Responder
  • Br3ak_Silence

    Bones <3 (2)

    14 Oct 2011 Responder
  • martnspartan

    this band is good. and there's remixes coming out soon. of un released songs. CHECK OUT.

    2 Oct 2011 Responder
  • Gery88

    "On September 5th, 2008 they announced the departure of lead singer Elliot Sharpe. They are currently on a hiatus as they search for a new singer." . . . . . .. . . . :(

    15 Sep 2011 Responder
  • RealityinaDream

    Did this band die or something? No new stuff for years...

    10 Sep 2011 Responder
  • Gery88


    23 Jul 2011 Responder
  • StJasper

    Bones <3

    23 Feb 2011 Responder
  • torspoo

    still loving the album, altho a new one would be nice. thanks.

    27 Dic 2010 Responder
  • imsquidward50

    there was so much great potential.......... loved that first album to infinity

    24 Dic 2010 Responder
  • VicSotto

    they need a new fucking album!!!(3)

    5 Dic 2010 Responder
  • Fa1nt_30

    Be A Man!

    30 Nov 2010 Responder

    Where are u guyx..i love u.ur songs and love them 4ever.not an angel.

    9 Sep 2010 Responder
  • busysignalbeats

    lol at this band not having any shouts since june

    31 Ago 2010 Responder
  • busysignalbeats

    I have proud of my mp3 player because it's had your song from the beginning. Sony and you have f-nice sense lol

    31 Ago 2010 Responder
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