• Soundtrack to My Life!

    30 Jun 2011, 23:30 de clicchick

    Playing my Library Radio gave me these tracks...

    Opening credits: GD&TOP - HIGH HIGH
    high high I’m so high, high high up in the sky, ok 콧노래 부르며, 마치 butterfly high 번개처럼 높게 뛰어올라 like NINJA!!!, 서로 의견은 안 맞지만 결국 뜻은 같아
    Waking up: Kyrah - Uh Oh
    Wake up wasted, and it’s oops I’m naked, 6 o’clock and my brain is really aching...So what the hell, its life in the fast lane, playin with no shame
    An ordinary day: 4minute - HUH
    이런저런 말들 다 잊어버려 (huh huh huh huh), 다 같은 꿈 지워버려 (huh huh huh huh), Say humph!(huh) Say humph!(huh) 난 내맘대로 내멋대로해, 누구보다 내가내가 I’m on the top!
    Hanging out with friends: Fergie - Labels Or Love
    Love’s like a runway but which one do I love more, No emotional baggage, just big bags filled with Dior, Love’s like a runway, so what’s all the fussing for, Let’s stop chasing those boys and shop some more
    A crush: Git Fresh - Booty Music
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    20 Mar 2010, 19:19 de balut2000