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Capsule es un grupo de música Pop Electrónica, procedente de Japón, formado por Toshiko Koshijima (Vocal) y Yasutaka Nakata (Productor). Capsule comenzó con su música en 1997 pero no fue hasta el 2001 cuando debutó con さくら. La voz y buen manejo de la lengua de Toshiko Koshijima (para cantar en Inglés) y las buenas composiciones de Yasutaka Nakata hacen que sobresalgan en lo que se propongan.

Capsule con frecuencia son mencionados como «neo-Shibuya-kei», debido a sus similitudes de estilo, tanto estética como musicalmente, a los actos del movimiento Shibuya-kei de los ‘90 ‘s, sobre todo Pizzicato Five. Su música contiene elementos de la bossa nova, lounge, breakbeat, y mas recientemente, electro.


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  • lightningmonkey

    haha, what a surprise. well, better to bump it back than rush it out the door

    Hace 5 horas Responder
  • uchuustation

    Alright, new update: the album isn't even finished being made. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the earliest it can be expected is the first two weeks of December, otherwise it's probably coming Jan-Feb next year. They announced it way too soon.

    20 Oct 6:20 Responder
  • physicalthings

    v i hope so

    15 Oct 23:58 Responder
  • Pretsy

    @uchuustation: "very dancey and melodic, and toshikos voice was heavily edited" can literally mean them going backwards this time (WoF/SW?)

    14 Oct 20:16 Responder
  • Herr_Amn

    That new album... plz come.

    13 Oct 16:25 Responder
  • PeanutBigTop

    I used to REALLY REALLY love capsule, now I only like to sometimes listen to the older stuff because memories... there's a few songs I like to revisit from past LDK, but it isn't all that many. FLASH BACK is still pretty important as a whole, though. I dunno. I really liked at least up through MORE! MORE! MORE! but can't stand most of it now. I am not sure why. :/ ah well. like, I went back and listened to FRUITS CLiPPER one time, and it was so weird. I used to LOVE that album. now? not so much.

    13 Oct 7:16 Responder
  • Klutchmusic

    I actually tried remaking something from their song, In The Rain. Tried my best to make it sound almost exact.

    12 Oct 13:30 Responder
  • negicco

    I hope it's phony phonic 2.0 [2]

    11 Oct 0:14 Responder
  • uchuustation

    capsule barely does promo for their releases. The extent is a club tour (didn't happen with CAPS LOCK due to it being "unsuited for live performance") after the album release, a couple of print interviews, and one or two radio things. So this upcoming 15th album will have a smattering of magazine spots + radio interview and maybe an album tour that'll last a month or two after the release. As for updates, someone said Nakata played a new capsule song at a recent DJ event and that it was "very dancey and melodic, and toshikos voice was heavily edited. not as vocaloid-ish as caps lock though." I have a feeling album info and the requisite digital single will be out later this month, and the album is definitely coming in either late November or early December.

    8 Oct 9:53 Responder
  • GreyOysterCult

    is there anything new since caps lock?

    7 Oct 8:30 Responder
  • Pretsy

    v will be more probable from him to release it in December at this point though...unless he decides to fuck all the promo and put it out next month.

    6 Oct 15:25 Responder
  • selesonic

    It'd be funny if he released it Dec.31

    4 Oct 3:20 Responder
  • opgay

    new album please...

    2 Oct 4:03 Responder
  • MeltingCORE

    V Yeah, I want info...

    1 Oct 19:47 Responder
  • lightningmonkey

    we're running out of 2014 at this stage, Nakata, where's that album

    28 Sep 18:56 Responder
  • Lockypoo

    Please god, no more CAPS LOCK.

    27 Sep 18:42 Responder
  • MattleDemap

    florida capsule shreds

    23 Sep 20:16 Responder
  • ComradePoos

    anyone wanna talk about the GOAT hardcore band? :^)

    19 Sep 19:51 Responder
  • DJYellowStar

    l love Capsule!

    18 Sep 7:36 Responder
  • filzbaum

    I hope it's phony phonic 2.0 :DDD

    17 Sep 16:52 Responder
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