24 May 2010 | de

The last couple of days have been amazing, so beautifully hot and sunny, it seems as if everything was waiting for the sun as all the flowers in the garden have suddenly blossomed. Even my yoga room/study was warm yesterday, normally it is the most freezing room in the house. I ended up getting sunburnt in patches l, as obviously it has been a very long time since my skin has seen the sun and I was absolutely lily white! If the weather is like this when we go to Cornwall we are going to have the best time ever!
 Anyway, we took my Mum out for afternoon tea at this old rambling church in the countryside near where we live . They have resorted to serving tea on a Sunday to try and raise money to do repairs on the church. It was lovely actually, we sat outside under a tree next to the gravestones, with a magnificent view of the hills and fields, and it was so peaceful and quiet. Quite  a few people started to show up after that, Gerald and I were the youngest by far, some of the old dears looked on their last legs, but they were very sweet and typically English, one nice old lady even commented that my dress was very pretty. Oh yes and I made some off the cuff remark that they should mow the lawns and I was quickly put in my place and told that the church gardens were a wild flower sanctuary, hence the uncultivated look.
 Gerald and I secretly returned there tonight on our way out to dinner, we sat in contemplation as the sun was fading from the sky, there was a lovely energy all around us, don't know if I'd ever go there in the dead of night under a full moon  though!

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