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  • adeebsworld

    @Swaghaus Hiromi Uehara

    16 Abr 22:40 Responder
  • swaghaus

    What's the name of the Japanese pianist that these guys are into?

    13 Abr 21:14 Responder
  • Necro-sama

    god damn the new album is so jazzy, I love it

    12 Abr 16:59 Responder
  • PistolPeteMatty

    New album is so tasty, but too sweet to digest all at once, need to take it in bite sized pieces.

    8 Abr 2:11 Responder
  • Victor_H23

    oh man new album is awesome, 10/10

    6 Abr 20:44 Responder
  • poohliveslarge

    wow, they`re like scale the summit, but ten times better! (at least)

    6 Abr 13:07 Responder
  • california93

    This new album is delicious <3

    2 Abr 12:53 Responder
  • xEye4Eyex

    love this guys

    30 Mar 19:39 Responder
  • domimis

    Jackie CHON

    29 Mar 10:14 Responder
  • kereealazer

    V There's no need for them to ruin Newborn Sun songs with rerecordings though.

    27 Mar 0:45 Responder
  • allbadendsall

    yeah, i wish they would have had a song from newborn sun instead of a worse rerecording of Ecco. album still rules, tho. i've had it on repeat all week.

    23 Mar 5:33 Responder
  • mistatwinkies

    I thought the album rerecordings were fine (Perfect Pillow from the self-titled/demo!), but I was hoping for a little more sizzle from this release (No love for Newborn Sun tracks vs 3 rerecorded Woohoo! tracks). Still, easily one of my top anticipated albums this year, and I'm glad to see these guys move up without sacrificing artistically. Lot of jokes when they got signed to Sumerian about required blastbeats or the Chon guys playing downtuned 7/8 stringers. Still surprising they'd ask Matt Garstka to play drums on a couple tracks, wondering why Nathan was pushed aside for a "feat." drummer spot.

    21 Mar 11:00 Responder
  • mistatwinkies

    @ Chrisis: Only the tracks "Can't Wait" and "Echo" (formerly Ecco on the Woohoo! EP) are tracks with vocals. That being said, the band really shines from instrumentals so if you're not into it I don't see any hope of sticking around wishing they'll start incorporating mostly non-instrumental tracks.

    21 Mar 10:38 Responder
  • ChrisisaSTUD

    Anyone know how much of the new album is instrumental? I really love the vocals I've heard from this band but I'm not really an instrumental only kind of person.

    19 Mar 21:39 Responder
  • knight_88

    New album is simply amazing!

    19 Mar 3:51 Responder
  • allbadendsall

    love the new album, i just wish it had fewer previously released songs.

    18 Mar 5:37 Responder
  • Bradalee

    Brilliant album, i do wish there were more vocals though since they've proven that they obviously know how to write catchy vocal hooks.

    17 Mar 20:42 Responder
  • RaZORololo


    17 Mar 20:19 Responder
  • knight_88

    Wow, new song is orgasmic! I can't wait for the new album!

    15 Feb 20:17 Responder
  • mistatwinkies

    new song out album due in March

    14 Feb 7:54 Responder
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