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Bright Eyes


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Bright Eyes es una banda de indie rock conformada por el guitarrista y cantautor Conor Oberst, el multiinstrumentista y productor Mike Mogis, y una alineación rotativa de colaboradores provenientes principalmente de la escena indie de Omaha, Nebraska. La facilidad que tiene Oberst para la crítica social y la filosofía le han hecho ganarse comparaciones con Bob Dylan, aunque sus temas más oscuros, de depresión, ansiedad y alcoholismo tienen más reminiscencias a Leonard Cohen o a Simon Joyner.

A pesar de que Bright Eyes pertenece al sello independiente Saddle Creek Records, la banda goza de una popularidad que rivaliza con la de bandas de sellos multinacionales: el 2004 los sencillos Lua y Take it easy (Love nothing) consiguieron el segundo lugar del ranking de la revista Billboard antes de dos semanas de su aparición.

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  • aboynameddirt

    Nice to see that a few of the songs from A Christmas Album have made it into the top tracks. It's that time of year!

    9 Dic 2:45 Responder
  • melkmeintogepi

    Yes people, get the Christmas Album into the Top 10!

    7 Dic 14:50 Responder
  • nomadicherder

    time to break out the christmas album.

    29 Nov 20:07 Responder
  • davidjosepha

    How does it feel that 9 of your top 10 songs are off one album?

    24 Nov 5:25 Responder
  • taylorbroad

    If you like Bright Eyes, you might like ambient lo-fi folk act The Noises We Make When No One Is Around. The debut ep is available on Bandcamp on September 29th but until then, you can listen via Soundcloud; Enjoy!

    15 Sep 14:34 Responder
  • PlayingDead-

    Waste of Paint is beautiful [2]

    10 Sep 6:08 Responder
  • awarmbier

    Waste of Paint is beautiful

    4 Sep 17:01 Responder
  • FoolmeThrice

    Look at that dip that bright eyes took in the charts. Absurd. But they're back, it looks like

    30 Ago 1:43 Responder
  • FoolmeThrice

    I don't care if she gets death threats. If someone kills her that's a little fucked up. Not any worse than Jack Ruby, though.

    25 Ago 1:09 Responder
  • Seperat0r

    You're a fucking creep if you blame anyone but her for this, but you're an even worse type of creep if you're gonna send someone a death threat.

    19 Ago 0:29 Responder
  • Katatonia95

    Didn't want this music video to end :( <3

    6 Ago 2:23 Responder
  • the_whistler

    Just finished my hobby project, perhaps someone here will find it useful :)

    4 Ago 7:57 Responder
  • HaHaHaYoureDead

    Отличный парень, настоящая "новая искренность" начала нулевых, этакий кобейн и дилан в одном флаконе.

    19 Jul 12:16 Responder
  • Element_X

    this is why people don't take rape seriously anymore

    18 Jul 2:25 Responder
  • FoolmeThrice

    I'm sure Conor got death threats, fuck if I'm going to feel bad if she gets any. She's not a fucking victim.

    16 Jul 17:42 Responder
  • oceanseacrest

    @Schindlers_Fist: Just saying, her name is public and it's likely she'll receive death threats, etc. from people online who find her personal information. So I highly doubt people are going to leave her alone for this.

    15 Jul 17:57 Responder
  • Irryco

    Schindlers_Fist: don't be silly, but I guess Conor will always be "guilty" in your eyes, no matter what the supposed "victim" or anyone else says.

    15 Jul 6:08 Responder
  • catchingsignals

    So then she posts a GoFundMe or whatever on xojane and gets all the money and more in 24 hours. Please. She confessed, and now everyone hates her for good reason, so she certainly won't be left alone for a good while. People lie on the Internet for attention all the fucking time. Clearly she didn't expect it to blow up in her face, but you can't even say the word "rape" on the Internet without the Tumblr SJ crowd reblogging the shit out of it.

    15 Jul 4:19 Responder
  • Schindlers_Fist

    she probably is just saying she made it up so people will leave her alone, and she doesn't have the resources to deal with a lawsuit.

    15 Jul 2:03 Responder
  • PastSanctuary

    my best friend survived two different extremely real and emotionally damaging rapes. she has only come forward to her therapist and not anyone who can do anything about it because of the societal perception put forth by people who lie about sexual abuse. you wanna see what rape culture truly is perpetuated by (and not what the people whining on tumblr think it is)? just look at this young woman who i cherish as a friend. look at why she is so fearful to look for help. she's not afraid of her attackers anymore. she is solely afraid of divulging her fears to a crowd of people who love her and usually believe her, but have seen far too many women cry wolf. thanks joanie faircloth. i wish you all the fucking worst.

    14 Jul 22:43 Responder
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