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  • applesikker


    Enero 2014
  • ilikefastmusic

    Loved Arrogant Sons Of Bitches as a kid, it's nice to know they went somewhere after

    Noviembre 2013


    Octubre 2012
  • JerryZucchini

    this song's great. it's got such a powerful tone to it.

    Agosto 2011
  • ULTRAjazzy

    My goodness, this song.

    Julio 2011
  • michael_leon

    Instant classic.

    Julio 2011
  • JJRamone

    Easily one of the best songs they've ever released.

    Julio 2011
  • mutexplosion

    "The shit that you hate don't make you special." Awesome. Also this reminds me a lot of Andrew Jackson Jihad before it explodes at the end, especially the "The shit you're afraid of has made you hateful" part. Not in a 'we're blatantly ripping this band off' way but in a 'man, we LOVE that band, maybe this part will sound like them a little bit' way. Also awesome.

    Julio 2011