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Blind Guardian


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Krefeld, Alemania (1985 – presente)

La historia de Blind Guardian comienza en 1985 en la ciudad de Krefeld, Alemania, cuando Hansi Kürsch y André Olbrich deciden formar una banda de heavy metal. Con Hansi a la voz y al bajo, André en la guitarra, Marcus Dörk como segunda guitarra, Thomen Stauch (Thomen «The Omen» Stauch) en la batería graban su primera maqueta titulada Symphonies Of Doom bajo el nombre de Lucifer’s Heritage. Aunque la maqueta pasa inadvertida, en el año 1987 sacan otra llamada Battalions Of Fear, con Christoff Theissen en la segunda guitarra y Hans-Peter Frey en la batería.

Esta segunda maqueta tendría un mejor acogida y consigue firmar con el sello independiente No Remorse. En ese momento deciden cambiar el nombre de la banda por el de Blind Guardian y ya cuentan en sus filas con Marcus Siepen, en reemplazo de Christoff Theissen, y Thomen Stauch retoma las baquetas.

El primer disco oficial de la banda lleva el nombre de Battalions Of Fear, y sale a la venta a comienzos de 1988. Musicalmente hablando es considerado como speed metal, y en este álbum están presentes temas basados en la literatura fantástica como la obra de J. R. R. Tolkien y de Stephen King.

Su segundo álbum, Follow The Blind, que se lanza en el año 1989, cuenta con la colaboración de Kai Hansen, entonces guitarra de Helloween. Siguiendo la línea del disco predecesor, la referencia a la fantasía está presente, aludiendo a la obra de Michael Moorcock en algunas de sus canciones.


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  • Pyfesgh

    My favorites have always been Twist in the Myth and At The Edge of Time with Twist having more songs that are awesome, but Edge of Time having the more degree of awesome songs. Wheel of Time is just far too awesome and to be fair I don't expect them to top it either. It's a masterpiece. Just got the new album, still haven't listened to it fully but for now I haven't liked it as much as the rest of their work.

    Hace 4 horas Responder
  • TheOnlyMAD

    New album is fucking great! They haven't made a bad album yet.

    24 Abr 18:32 Responder
  • jrs1991

    Very good new album

    20 Abr 23:39 Responder
  • bluegrassishhh

    Seems like most people are either completely amazed by the new album, or they consider it an abomination... Flashback to 2010. At The Edge Of Time is their most epic and progressive album, making it the best in my book. Sacred Worlds and Wheel Of Time are some truly stunning songs, but so is Majesty and Valhalla - my point being, does it really matter what the hell they release from this point on since the rest of their discography is so great? Fucking vultures

    18 Abr 18:09 Responder
  • jessyrocker


    18 Abr 7:46 Responder
  • ThiagoDonola

    Blind Guardian Outubro RJ o/ chega logo :D

    9 Abr 20:00 Responder
  • progfly

    @Baalslayer I knew I wasn't the only one disappointed with the production/mixing of the new album (certainly NOT with the album itself), though I have no complaints regarding the vocal lines, choirs, orchestrations and guitar solos.The rest sounds muffled and weak, one doesn't have to be an audiophile to realize that. That being said, it's reasonable to consider the subjectivity of this matter (production), and I like to believe these guys know exactly what they're doing, so it's cool, nothing that would spoil the album. Besides, there are some eargasmic songs.. At The Edge of Time, Ashes of Eternity, Sacred Minds. Overall I'm happy with BTRM and it's definitely a grower.

    1 Abr 13:19 Responder
  • wayrams


    30 Mar 12:58 Responder
  • Lloergan

    Am I the only one who finds it annoying that Kai Hansen wrote a song for Helloween called "Twilight of the Gods" and Hansi Kürsch has only just wrote a song also called "Twilight of the Gods" for Blind Guardian. I much prefer the Helloween song because Kai is more god than Hansi.

    28 Mar 14:55 Responder
  • MrReznov

    I love and respect them too much to complain or even care which direction they take, I can just feel disappointment at first, acceptance in second and then after those two stages I can finally grasp the quality of the new stuff. Same thing happened with At the Edge of Time.

    21 Mar 12:43 Responder
  • TobogganOfHate

    not feeling the direction blind guardian have gone on the last few albums but i love and respect them too much to complain.

    16 Mar 22:04 Responder
  • TobogganOfHate

    memorizing blind guardian lyrics is challenging .

    16 Mar 22:03 Responder
  • hammerstrikebg

    On the song At the Edge of time -> That Star Wars feeling at 6:02 :D

    9 Mar 13:51 Responder
  • tntmk

    The best live Valhalla ever!

    4 Mar 22:58 Responder
  • Tissuepaper

    Whilst there are some good moments on the new album, I'm now definitely bored with the layered vocals / progressive sound BG have been developing since A NIght at the Opera. It's good music, but still doesn't compare to their original speed-power metal sound (which I can happily listen to all day, every day).

    4 Mar 10:37 Responder
  • metaloly999


    1 Mar 13:27 Responder
  • sasazuki

    Ainda falta muito pra chegar essa merda de Outubro?

    25 Feb 0:23 Responder
  • hammerstrikebg

    I must say that after At the Edge of Time Beyond the Red Mirror sounds disappointing. There are strong and epic moments for sure! The album is good but not as good as the At the Edge of Time. Maybe I just need to listen to it more and hear it live in May to be sure at 100% but after a few listens that's my impression.

    21 Feb 15:08 Responder
  • McGerkey

    Wheel of Time never clicked with me. For one it's just not very catchy. Other than the chorus there just aren't very many memorable melodies. Also the middle eastern vibes are kind of tacky and the orchestral parts come across as a kind of film score gimmick deal. I think they've integrated the orchestra into the writing a lot better on Red Mirror, especially with songs like At The Edge of Time and Grand Parade.

    21 Feb 12:09 Responder
  • Muinaiset

    I can think of several songs I really liked on Edge of Time. I can't think of one I liked from Red Mirror. Granted I've only listened to it a couple times, but usually a Blind Guardian album has me wanting to listen to it again. I have to force myself to want to listen to this new one again. The production definitely doesn't help. I really do hope in time that my thoughts towards this album change.

    21 Feb 7:33 Responder
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