• The Path To Musical Evolution 1.1.4: Industrial Black Metal Pt. I

    6 Abr 2009, 1:09 de Kronetong

    DISCLAIMER: The following text is probably rife with errors and bad taste.

    So after spending a good year and a half incubating my love of a small handful of industrial variety bands (namely 3, Void (UK), Helel and Thorns) my cravings have finally emerged for this variety of music. I've had some past experience with pseudo-industrial music genres, but this genre has definitely evolved past what I was used to.

    Much like progressive genres and other experimental music, the scene is both hated by many a metal fan and also praised by the artsy crowd at times. Void (UK) recieved a lot of positive press from their debut full-length "Posthuman", for example, despite perfectly blending dissonant mechanical black metal riffs with electronic dance beats and industrial sampling (something that no doubt offends purists and those who hate electronic music styles).

  • THE BLUE WALL: Industrial Metal

    25 Dic 2008, 22:26 de maidenhell

    Industrial Radio

    Industrial metal is a musical genre that draws from industrial music and heavy metal, using repeating metal guitar riffs, sampling, synthesizer or sequencer lines, and distorted vocals.Founding industrial metal groups include Ministry, Godflesh, and KMFDM.Eventually it reached a mass audience, led by the "one-man-band" Nine Inch Nails.

    Industrial metal's new-found popularity led to some criticism from other artists associated with the industrial scene. Subsequently, it is most well-known in various European permutations. Industrial metal groups have produced many acclaimed music videos, and the impact of the style has been reflected in many other genres of music, including hardcore punk, glam metal, and hip-hop.

    Artists You Should Know

    Aborym//...and Oceans//2wo//A Dark Halo//American Head Charge//Anaal Nathrakh//Artifact//Atrocity//Battery Cage//Biomechanical//Blaze Bayley//Blut aus Nord//BUCK-TICK//Carfax
  • Extreme Industrial Metal

    14 Mar 2008, 21:18 de IPonly

    Just sorting through what I've heard or semi-heard:

    Melodic Industrial Black Metal
    Nyne - I'm really looking forward to the first album from this band, they're catchy without feeling like they sampled a club track.
    Trollheims Grott - Something like Nyne, but a little harsher and less consistent.
    The Kovenant - New stuff is pretty damn soft, but the remix of In Times Before The Light is a good meeting of symphonic black metal & electronics.
    Samael - Another classic black metal band which went over to softer electronic influenced metal.

    "True" Industrial Black Metal
    Aborym - What stands out to me about Aborym is they have no particular single approach to mixing the two genres.
    Thorns - Thorns is awesome; atmospheric when it's minimal and epic as fuck when it's not.
    Mysticum - Mysticum's a little unfocused musically, but their battlecry, "Never Stop the Madness!" is a trustworthy sign of quality industrial black metal.