• A Song for Every Year Part 1

    9 Ene 2008, 5:52 de rockrobster23

    I was born in 1965, and I'm sitting at 1,964 played tracks. A song for every year of my life, corresponding with the number of plays?

    Of course it's ridiculously geeky, but it'll be fun, too. And I'll never have this opportunity again.

    (Using Windows Media to sort my albums by year)

    Most choices: 2006, 12.1 hours
    Least choices: 1973, 2 songs, 6 minutes. And that's OK because I like them both.

    Oh, I don't intend each song to represent anything special about my musical journey or anything. And I'm constrained by what's on my computer. So what. Fun project. Live blog, more or less, and I have the time to kill.

    1965: The Beatles are the first grownup music I can remember liking. Nowhere Man is typical of the kind of great pop melodicism that first turned me on to this stuff.

    1966: Cream. Didn't want to do two Beatles songs in a row, and I Feel Free is the only other choice. Man, they loved extreme stereo separation in the 60s, didn't they?